Cross country skiing is less intimidating, less speedy when compared with down hill skiing. As skiers glide along snowy trails and skate up incline, cross country skiing is also beneficial for burning calories.

So, if you are trying to stay true to your resolutions, country skiing is perfect way to get more exercise with a dose of nature in process. Here are few great spots for cross country skiing.

Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area, Lake Tahoe, California

The area surrounding Lake Tahoe, which bestrides the border between California and Nevada, provides you great opportunities for cross country skiing. Kevin Murnane, general manager of the Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area says that you can spend a complete week in this particular place and ski at different area every day.

Methow Valley, Winthrop, Washington

Northeast of Seattle in the Cascade Mountains, almost 125 miles of ski trails connect the villages of Methow Valley. In this particular place cross country skiing is almost one form of transportation in and around the area.

Even though the linear path of this particular spot is not a typical lay out of cross country skiing when compared to most cross country loops, the trials surely offer a sense of adventure and exploration.

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