If traveling in luxury is your passion then here are is a list of the 10 most luxurious trains of the world that offer the best of travel and luxury.

10 Best Luxury Trains of the World

1. Hiram Bingham, Peru

This is a luxury train that covers the shortest distance among all from Cuzco to Machu Picchu. The train is an assembly of 4 luxury carriages complete with two restaurants, pantry and a lounge bar. The interiors are tastefully done to remind you of the 1920s. The train takes you through the Peruvian landscape and takes you on a short tour to Machu Picchu, the historical Inca Settlement.

2. TransPacifico, Chile

The ten luxury coaches renovated from a locomotive of the 1920s make this train ride from Santiago and Puerto Varas a memorable journey.  This is essentially a 5 star hotel on wheels that provides the most luxurious accommodation and food for 12 days of travel to various destinations enroute Valparaiso, Conception and Valdivia.

3. Tangula, China

Made of luxury Pullman coaches, the Tangula is China’s answer to luxury trains of the world. It is very contemporary and provides all the modern facilities that one can think of. There is a distinct Chinese influence in all their styles with use of silk, rhinestones and leather in the furnishings. The train starts from Beijing and glides past the exotic landscapes of northern China to Lhasa in Tibet. It has 48 spacious suites to house 96 guests at a time. The well appointed rooms have wide clear glass windows to offer panoramic views to the occupants.

4. Eastern & Oriental Express

This luxurious offering comes from Thailand, one of the most popular tourist destinations of Asia. It is a 3 days tour of the Mekong valley that starts from Bangkok, takes you to Laos and back. The carriages are contemporary Pullman cabins and provide all modern amenities for ultimate comfort and luxury. The beautifully appointed colonial style cabins are furnished in cherry wood and oriental fabric.

5. The Golden Chariot, India

Enjoy hospitality and luxury from the land of Maharajas by traveling king-size in the Golden Chariot luxury train. This train takes you through the southern states of India. Embark on this journey to get a glimpse of the cultural heritage and the bygone era of this land that once swathed in riches. The cabinsshow a mix of Victorian and Eastern influence in its upholstery and the design of furniture. Replete with a gym and spa and two restaurants and a lounge bar, the train is the ultimate experience in luxury.

6. Pride of Africa, Africa

This exotic train journey is a spectacular offering from the land of wildlife. The traditional colonial stylecabins area recollection of the famous Belle Époque. The train has luxurious sleeping cars, panorama windows, clubhouse and a lounge bar. The restaurant offers gourmet menu in line with the 5-star comforts. The train travels through South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania in 2 weeks. One can choose from various packages in the tour and get on and off at chosen destinations or complete the entire journey.

7. Palace on Wheels, India

Another luxurious offering from India is the Palace on wheels. By boarding this luxury train you embark on a historical journey to the land of kings and princes. The entire train is royalty personified. From service personnel to the cutlery, everything on the train transports you to a world where you are the King and the world is at your feet. The train takes you through an 8 day journey covering the most importantplaces to visit in North India. It lives up to its name and is truly a Palace on wheels.

8. EI Transcantabrico, Spain

This is a luxury train from Spain that travels across northern Spain from Santiago to the gulf of Biscay. It lays emphasis on the cultural and historic traditions of the Spain. The week long journey takes you though the churches, tombs and museums of the golden era. Opulently decorated, the train displays distinct European culture and cuisine on board.

9. The Royal Scotsman, Scotland

Coming from the Edwardian heartland, this luxury train ride lasts for 3 days and takes you through the breathtaking landscapes of the Scottish countryside. From castles to beaches and music to dance, one can enjoy a spectrum of cultural exposure through this short but memorable tour. The train boasts of spacious sleeping cabins with every luxury that one can think of. All food and drink is served in the finest Royal Worcester porcelain.

10.The Orient Express, Venice

Made famous by the Agatha Christie novel by the same name, this train is probably the longest operating luxury locomotive in the World. The train runs from Paris to Istanbul and covers the whole of central Europe in 8 days. It offers spectacular views of Europe to the travelers including guided tours, overnight accommodation in luxury hotels and much more. The locomotive is done up to depict European culture from the cutlery to the furnishings.

photo credit: (www.olympicmotivation.com)


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