Every country in the world is home to dozens of famous and popular tourist sites, but there are also some that are downright odd. These are 10 of the strangest places to visit in Canada for various reasons.

Strangest Tourist Sites in Canada

1. Dawson City, Yukon

If you head to drinking establishments in Dawson City, which was famous in the days of the gold rush, you’ll find something called sourtoe cocktails. Believe it or not, these are actual human toes which have been preserved over time in brine. People put one in a glass and then down a drink, but to do it right your lips are supposed to touch the toe.

2. Glendon, Alberta

You’ll come across the biggest pierogi in the world in Glendon, Alberta. A pierogi is a dumpling-type of food which is popular in numerous countries around the world. This pierogi was created back in

1993 and is 27 feet tall. It also weighs about three tons, which is 6,000 lbs. The structure is located on Pierogi Drive in Pierogi Park.

3. Selkirk, Manitoba

This is the home of something called Chuck the Channel Cat. It was erected in 1986 as a way toadvertise Selkirk as the world’s catfish capital. The statue sits on Main Street and reaches 25 feet in the air.

4. Prince Edward Island

If you’d like to learn all there is to know about potatoes then the place to be is the Canadian Potato Museum in Prince Edward Island on the country’s east coast. The museum will tell you the story of the famous potatoes that are grown here.

5. St. Thomas, Ontario

St. Thomas, Ontario is the home of Jumbo the Elephant. This is a statue which was built in honor of Jumbo the Elephant. The elephant belonged to the P.T. Barnum Circus and was unfortunately hit by a train in the city back in 1885. The word jumbo is now used to describe huge things and there’s also a beer in St. Thomas which is named Dead Elephant Ale.

6. Sudbury, Ontario

Sudbury is often referred to as The Big Nickel. If you visit the northern Ontario city you’ll find the biggest coin in the world, which is a replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel.

7. Wawa, Ontario

The town of Wawa is home to the Wawa Goose. The name of the town itself comes from an Ojibwa word which means wild goose. To honor the native American tongue, there is a statue that was built in 1960 and stands 28-feet tall. 

8. St. Paul, Alberta

St. Paul is home to the UFO Landing Pad, which was erected in 1960. The pad was built as a way to attract both local tourists as well as extraterrestrial visitors. In the 1990s the town also constructed a UFO tourist information center next door to it. This is where visitors can look over hundreds ofdocuments and photos of UFO sightings.

 9. Torrington, Alberta

When visiting Torrington, Alberta make sure you pay a visit to the Gopher Hole Museum. This is where you can see Taxidermied gophers that have been created by a local artist and have been positioned in all sorts of different poses.

10. Vulcan, Alberta

If you haven’t guessed by now you may not be surprised to hear that this town is popular for sharing the same name as the planet where the famous Mr. Spock from Star Trek fame comes from. The town celebrates it by holding several Star Trek events and attractions throughout the year.


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