Traveling by rail is one of the greatest ways to explore this magnificent planet of ours. There are numerous routes that take passengers through some of the most scenic areas in the world. These are some of the best of them

1. Mexico – The Copper Canyon Railway

The Copper Canyon Railway

The official name of the Copper Canyon Railway is Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico. It’s about 400 miles long and features a total of 87 tunnels and 36 bridges. The route connects the Pacific coast with Northern Mexico’s interior. It starts/ends at Chihuahua and Los Mochis. One of the rail cars has an open area where you can soak in the sunshine.

2. Australia – Ghan


This trip originated back in 1877 with a route from Adelaide over to Alice Springs. The journey runs through a flood plain and many trips would be delayed due to rainstorms. The line was changed in 1980. And the original Ghan trip was made in 1982. This trip travels through the remote Red Centre of Australia and runs two per week Adelaide over to Alice Springs and then continuing to Darwin. It takes two nights to complete a one-way trip.

3. Ecuador-El Nariz del Diablo

el nariz del diablo

This venture leaves from Riobamba and heads south. The area called El Nariz del Diablo, which means the devil’s nose, is between Alausí and Sibambe. The route was built back in 1908 and there’s a climb of about 3,000 feet on the way to Alausí. It’s a busy train and it’s a good idea to buy your ticket in advance. The trip takes up to five hours to complete.

4. Canada – The Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer

This trip takes two days to complete and travels through the amazing Canadian Rockies. You will see some spectacular canyons and rivers as well as glacial lakes. The journey runs from Vancouver on the west coast and heads east to Alberta. The scenery in Jasper, Banff, and Calgary is simply marvelous.

5. Peru – Cuzco to Puno

Cuzco to Puno

This trip will take you from Cuzco to Puno in 10 hours and follows gorgeous Lake Titicaca. The air around the lake is so clear due to the high altitude. At Cuzco you will find a fine mixture of religious and colonial splendor that was originally created by the Incas. The scenery is out of this world and afternoon tea and lunch is served on the trip.

6. Italy – The Venice Simplon-Orient Express

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express

This famous rail journey takes you from Venice, Italy to London, England in elegance and luxury. You’ll find a top-class bar car where guests wear tuxedos and evening gowns while listening to the lounge’s piano player. The route passes though some of the most romantic destination in Europe, such as Vienna, Prague, Istanbul, and Paris.

7. China – The Beijing to Shanghai high-speed train

The Beijing to Shanghai High Speed Train

This is a relatively new trip and it travels from Beijing over to Shanghai at about 180 miles per hour. The journey can be completed in just under five hours. It’s an ideal way for residents and visitors to travel between the two busiest cities in the nation while viewing the beautiful countryside scenery.

8. Russia/China – The Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway

This well-known service travels between Moscow over to Vladivostock and passes by Lake Baikal in Siberia. It goes through Mongolia and over to Beijing, China and pass the famous Great Wall. This trip has to be experienced to be believed and it leaves once a week, so all you have to do is purchase your russian train tickets, pack your things and go.


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