With so many fabulous coastal communities spread out all over the world, it’s only natural that boardwalks have sprung up in some of them. These are nine of the most popular you’ll find across theglobe.

1. Nice, France-Promenade des Anglais

Promenade des Anglais

The Promenade des Anglais is often referred to as La Prom by local residents. It sits on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and provides visitors with stunning views. One of the most popular things to do at La Prom is to simply relax and people watch while you peer out over the magnificent Bay of Angels. The art deco architecture is also quite interesting.

2. Brooklyn, New York, USA – Coney Island

Brooklyn New York USA Coney Island

Coney Island has changed a bit over the last few years as some of the boardwalk has been turned intobeachfront properties. However, it’s still one of the most famous boardwalks in the world. It’s been used as the setting for numerous Hollywood movies and is the home to the Cyclone roller coaster, now known as a National Historic Landmark.

3. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia –The Oceanway

Gold Coast Queensland Australia

The Oceanway is basically a pathway that stretches for about 20 miles along the famous Gold Coast. It passes though a few beaches from the Point Danger Lighthouse to the gold coast seaway. You’ll find some of the coastal communities to be charming cosmopolitan areas and others are popular surfing towns.

4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach

This boardwalk is filled with activity seekers. It’s about two and a half miles in length and follows along Avenida de Atlantica. You’ll find dozens of people here out jogging, walking, rollerblading, and biking along the boardwalk. On the famous beach, there are more activities such as soccer, surfing, and volleyball.

5. Santa Cruz, California, USA-The Beach Boardwalk

Santa Cruz California USA The Beach Boardwalk

Santa Cruz is home to one of the few west coast boardwalks. It’s quite an exciting place with over 35 different midway rides and it attracts about 3 million visitors a year. It was based on the American east coast boardwalks such as Atlantic City and Coney Island. It’s been standing next to the Pacific Ocean since 1907.

6. Singapore-Changi Point Coastal Walk

Singapore Changi Point Coastal Walk

This boardwalk is just less than a mile long and it’s divided into six sections. Incredibly, for a boardwalk so short, each of the sections features distinctly unique terrain, such as the Kelong Walk and the forested Cliff Walk. It’s a tranquil area without any attraction that’s popular because of the natural beauty it offers.

7. Wildwood, New Jersey, USA-The Wildwood Boardwalk

Wildwood, New Jersey, USA-The Wildwood Boardwalk

This is a hugely popular boardwalk with children as it has more rides here than Disneyland. It stretches for two miles along the New Jersey shore and features a total of five piers. There are all sorts of rides such as a huge Ferris wheel and one of America’s fastest and tallest wooden roller coasters, known as the Great White.

8. Brighton, England-Brighton Beach

Brighton England Brighton Beach

The popular south-coast city of Brighton can be reached in an hour by train from London. It’s got a beach for the kids in the daytime and plenty of clubs, pubs, and bars at night for the adults. There are numerous amusement Park rides and arcades and it’s also home to the Brighton Pier. It’s an ideal spot for surfing, fishing, and people watching.

9. Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA-Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City New Jersey USA Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City could very well be the most popular boardwalk on the planet. It sits next to the Atlantic Ocean and the town is filled with casinos, shops, and hotels. It was the first boardwalk in America and most of the action takes place right down alongside the water. There are several piers along the way and it stretches for over four miles. It’s also home to the Boardwalk Hall, which is one of the nation’s most popular convention, entertainment, and sports facilities.


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