Planning to travel United States Of America in this summer? There are many traveling destinations which pop up your vacations.

us travelling

So, if you are visiting U.S, remember to scrutinize the places for a well planned vacation. The tourist’s rate, visiting to this place is increasing steadily [Most visited places in US].

The tour agencies and the travel industry in U.S have made certain guidelines for people who are visiting their country. The most important places to visit are

  • National parks
  • Theme parks/ water parks
  • Beaches
  • Aquariums/ Zoo
  • Monuments/Memorials
  • Museums
  • Historical sites
  • Sporting events, festivals
  • State capitals

There are many popular and most happening cities of U.S which you should not miss in your vacation to the country. Many places have a particular season to visit, but these cities always have something special in them and you can always have a wide range of attractions and activities to participate.

The most happening cities of U.S:

Washington, D.C: You have many places to explore in the government residing state. This is a great place to spend vacation; the place is filled up with different historical museums and national archives to visit. The food in the famous Chinatown restaurant is just awesome. The Washington D.C is famous for places like Smithsonian museums, botanical gardens, The Pentagon, The Supreme Court, Library of congress, Fords Theatre and Lincoln museum etc.

New York City, NY: This city never sleeps; it always runs for people living there and for the tourists who visit New York with many expectations. The most famous locations are the Empire State building, Statue Of Liberty, Central Park, United Nations Building, Ellis Island, Interpret museum, Times Square, Metropolitan Museum, Ground Zero etc.

San Francisco, CA: You can enjoy the cable car trip through the street of the city. There are many places to explore in San Francisco such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, Grace Cathedral Fisherman’s Wharf etc.

Las Vegas, NV: The first thought for any body who thinks of Las Vegas is the round the clock gambling games. Other than gambling games, it is famous for its roller coaster, theme parks, national parks, wildlife areas, Moulin Rogue etc. This city is a perfect place for enjoying warm winters.

Los Angeles CA: What do you remember when you think of L.A? The first thought even for a kid would be the Universal Studio Hollywood. Other than the studio, L.A is famous for its Automotive Museum, Huntington Library, historic max factor building, etc. These are the famous spots of the state. While walking on the streets of the studio, do not forget to watch out different stars of the world.

Orlando FL: Orlando is better recognized by kids than their parents, it is famous for Walt Disney. Other than the kids section, it is also famous for the Discovery Cove, Universal Picture, Sea World, Island of Adventures etc. You can get into the water of Sea world and learn how to surf without going to the beaches of the state.

The other important states are Philadelphia PA, Miami FL, Denver CO, Boston MA in U.S.

Exploring a country is always very hard, but do not forget to include these places for knowing the country from a closer phase.


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