North America is proud to present every winter a large number of traditional festivals, some related to sports, some simply held for the sake of fun, all tempting enough to visit and enjoy for those fond of a fun winter celebration.

If in some cases you can expect to see festivities taking the shape of carnivals in others  you can simply feel the joy, have fun and make the most of the occasions you have to drink and be merry.

Winterskol – Aspen

Winterskol, Aspen

2014 will bring the 63rd edition of this festival. Fatbikes competition will challenge the daring this year too, while the best restaurants from Aspen will join a completion of coming up with the tastiest soup. This is the time to enjoy skiing during night time in Aspen, a unique opportunity offered only this time of the year.

Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival

Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival

The best ski resort in Colorado offers a Wild West themed carnival with a ski competition where participants are dressed up in furry trapper attires and race towards the finish shooting muzzle loaders. Fun activities like dog sledging and dad sledging where first dogs then dads pull the sledges ridden by their kids will surely help you have fun. Also, there are a lot of fun winter competitions that range from skiing to snow shoveling and donkey jumping.

Ouray Ice Climbing Festival – Colorado

In case you want to see breath taking ice waterfalls you have to attend this January festival. This is indeed the scene of those fond of rock climbing but the view of the blue ice shaped in spectacular formations is  a sight worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

Snowdays – Alberta, Canada

This rather new festival brings a large manifestation of winter sports competitions held in the Banff National Park. You can enjoy the departure party for the Canadian Olympic Skiing team and dare to climb a 40 foot high ice wall. You can also join the ice carving competition.

Stowe Winter Festival – Vermont

Stowe Winter Festival - Vermont

If you like a winter event that has it all, this is the place. From 18  January to 2 February you can be part of a large celebration offering a place in the national ice carving competition, amazing parties for adults and endless fun and games for kids. Here are held special snow volley and snow golf competitions. Along these you can , of course practice the large array of winter sports available.


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