When on a holiday in Los Angeles it is but natural to want to bump into celebrities and ask for photographs and autographs. The chances of doing so are high provided you know the right spots in LA or any other place, which are frequented by celebrities. You may also look for places where the celebrities go to be able to meet their fans.

When in LA you can start your star struck hunt at the favorite shooting spots like Santa Monica Pier and Griffith Park. The chances of meeting celebrities are pretty high. Other sure shot tricks to see and maybe interact with your favorite celebrity are red carpet events like movie premiers which are usually graced by many celebrities. Check out the time and venue of movie premiers that are being held during your stay at the city.

If there is someone special you want to meet or interact with, check out if they are in the city and also try to find out their favorite hot spots that they are likely to visit when in town. You could also keep an eye open for the paparazzi as they are bound to be on the lookout for celebrities themselves, so a group of them would mean a celebrity in the near vicinity.


Meeting a celebrity may not be a far fetched dream but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before you decide to just go ahead and ask for their autograph or for a picture with them.

It is appropriate and polite to address a celebrity with their real name instead of calling out their screen or character’s name. Be careful so as not to interrupt a private conversation or a private moment. This includes when you catch them having a meal with family or friends or even when they are having a conversation on their mobile. Don’t interrupt them.

The golden rule is never to disturb an actor when they are shooting. It would be rude to disturb them when they are working. Always start a conversation with a positive compliment. Avoid negative ones like “I loved you as a kid”.

Remember to thank them after you have received the coveted autograph or photograph. Think twice before you approach a celebrity. Be sure that you are not intruding on them. Remember at all times that they too are human and want their privacy.


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