1. Biosphere Museum

Biosphere Museum This architectural wonder is reminiscent of the Montreal Expo of 1967. It has now been converted into an environmental museum.

2. Chinese Gardens

Chinese Garden Located in the Botanical Gardens of Montreal, the Chinese garden is spectacular for its display of colorful lanterns and water features. The bright colors and features make this a place to visit with family and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere around it.

3. Palais des Congres

Palais des Congres For those who love modern architecture, Palais des Congres is a must visit in Montreal. The colorful glass collage that forms the façade of this building makes it a spectacular sight. It is a place that hosts many conventions and meetings. One other part of this same building is the Lipstick Forest. It is another example of bright and colorful interiors done to suit the contemporary style of architecture.

4. Olympics Stadium

Olympics Stadium

This state of the art stadium was built to grace the Olympics of 1976. It has the distinction of being the world’s tallest inclined tower. This spectacular piece of architecture is just mind blowing.

5. Montreal City Lights

Montreal City Lights

Being the second largest city in Canada, Montreal’s skyline is dotted with a number of skyscrapers that come alive in the evening. Viewing this part of Montreal must definitely form a part of the travel itineraryfor any visitor to this city. The best views can be had from the highest point, the Mount Royal Park.

6. Place Jean-Paul Riopelle

Place Jean-Paul Riopelle

Overlooking the Palais des Congres is the fountain at Place Jean-Paul Riopelle. The Place is a square that houses this historic fountain which was sculpted by artist Jean-Paul Riopelle in 1969. The fountain comes alive during the non-winter seasons amid jets, mist and flame to give a spectacular performancethat lasts 30-minutes. The square also features a circular frame of 88 trees conferring it the honor of being an urban forest.

7. Notre Dame de Bonsecours

Notre Dame de Bonsecours

Roughly translated it means Sailors’ Church. It is a lone testimony to the old port of Montreal, this church has stood the test of time and is a must visit for its spectacular architecture of the bygone era.


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