dangerous time to driveReducing the risk of motor vehicle accidents is not just about when you are on the road, but also how careful you are on the road.

Statistically, driving in a snowy day is not even close to most dangerous time to drive.

According to National highway Traffic Safety Administration, US, August is most dangerous month and Saturday is most dangerous day for driving. It has been estimated that almost 40,000 people or even more people in US are killed by auto accidents every year. It seems that accidents are no.1 cause of death for people aged between 1 to 34 years.

The difference between road accidents or road fatalities between January and August months is almost 2,818 versus 3,612 respectively. So, the reason for the difference of 800 people turns out something like time of the day, complete unsafe behavior while driving or simple distractions.

Russ Rader, a spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is most riskiest and dangerous thing that most of the individuals do every day. Since most fatal vehicle accidents occur one or two scattered across the country, most of the general public fail to realize their collective toll of fatal crashes, which is almost 110 per day, across the nation.

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