Norway always had a certain appeal for all daring hearts with a taste for adventure. It has a certain kind of beauty which takesthe mind on a trip to legendary times but also a lot of options for amazing fun.

Emblematic Fiords

Emblematic fiords

Norway is surely famous because of its fiords. The sinuous shore line offers fascinating scenery covered with ancient forests. Steep valleys, spectacular peeks stretching over the roaring ocean and breath taking glaciers are all part of the things you must see at least once in a lifetime.

Eclectic Capital City

Eclectic capital city

Here you can find anything you want in the capital city. With a summer so short you might not get the chance to see all of Norway but Oslo will offer you anything from good inexpensive food to amazing fun opportunities.

Eating Whale

Eating whale

This is not as exotic as you might think. Whale is a common presence in the Norway restaurants and you can enjoy its meaty flavor in specific dishes worthy to be remembered.

Winter Sports

Winter sports

Norway is famous for the winter ski slopes and the many opportunities it offers to those passionate by ski sports. The country is famous for the role played in the development of winter sports and here youhave the best opportunity to try your skills in style.

Seeing Reindeers

Seeing reindeers

If you are a fan of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, here is the place to see reindeer and elk. Herds of this animals roam all over Norway.

Norwegian Style Coffee

Norwegian style coffee

The Norwegians are famous for the huge amount of coffee they consume – larger than any other country. They are proud of the way they brew this drink and special cafés are present all over the place. You can choose your “poison” and enjoy it like the locals do.



The most popular street food in Norway are waffles. Surprisingly, this country competes with Belgium as waffles are concerned and takes great pride in its waffle recipe. You should enjoy them and experience the delight of waffles filled with jam and sour cream.

Legendary Characters

Legendary characters

Norse legends are populated with a large number of mythical creatures. Among these, the trolls have a truly special place. Emblematic and funny figures are present in the gift and souvenirs shops so make sure you take one with you at home.

The Most Versatile Fish Market

The most versatile fish market

Norway is famous for the large majority of fish present in the markets. Here the offer is endless and most people associate Norway with the fish they find in the supermarkets at home.


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