Easter is quickly approaching and will be celebrated in many parts of the world. One of the most famous Holy Weeks is known as Semana Santa, which is celebrated in Seville, Spain every year.

The procession sees thousands of people of all ages congregate into the winding streets of the ancient and historical city to recall the events of The Passion.

Brotherhoods from all over Seville spend many weeks preparing for the week to make sure that the parades and all of the other events do justice to the special occasion.

Semana Santa has been a part of the Christian calendar for many years as the roots of it can be traced as far back as the 16th century. The celebrations are still as popular as ever.

You’ll see solemn daily processions that are punctuated by flamenco songs and mesmerising drumbeats. They prove as a wonderful reminder of the Pagan and Christian heritage which make up this unique land.

On the eve of Good Friday there is a midnight cavalcade which stretches into the wee hours of the next morning.

The streets are filled with spectators who watch numerous statues and images of the Virgin Mary and Jesus parade by them.

Participants in the processions usually wear a nazareno, which is a cloak with a hood and pointed cap.

This has been worn since the Middle Agesas it allows people to practice penance in public while keeping their identity private.

The penitents often walk barefooted along the streets and carry crosses and/or wear chains.

There are over 100 pasos that represent different districts of Seville and the procession sometimes lasts up to eight hours. Semana Santa is certainly a special and unique event as it combines flamenco songs, incense, large floats, and life-size religious images.

When the holy week is over you’ll have the chance to explore the fascinating city of Seville.


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