The Amish lifestyle has long been a subject of speculation and curiosity, with there being some misrepresentation of fact and some exaggeration of the ways of the Amish communities. Their adherence to the simple life, eschewing modern conveniences and comforts, their old fashioned clothing, the horse drawn buggies are the subject matter of much curiosity.

Amish Lifestyle Holiday

In the event there is a lot of interest in seeing what is the reality of the Amish lifestyle and holidays on an Amish farm are now possible. The old order Amish lifestyle holidays offer one a “fun, respectful and accurate glimpse into Amish life” according to the Amish farm and house website.

Here you are provided with information about the Amish homes and can find out why it is that the Amish dress the same way now that they did a hundred years ago.

The Amish live an old fashioned life and make their living from cottage industries and agriculture. Theirs is a way of life from a bygone era, a simpler, more relaxed lifestyle. It can make an educative and eye opening experience to see their way of life up close. Also the food products and crafts can be available for sale; making for an interesting shopping experience as well.

The typical Lancaster Amish lifestyle is revealed for all to see: their furniture, their homes, the way that the families spend their time, and their simple lifestyle. You can also be shown around the countryside, the downtown area, the Amish farm, the typical one room school, etc.

While these would be day tours which could form part of a longer holiday, one can also opt for Lancaster county farm stays with booking and details available at this website. Here children can enjoy the rustic farm experience; as can adults.

One can even try their hand at milking a cow, chasing baby chicks and collecting eggs, etc. You can even enjoy a stay at a working Amish dairy farm which is located in the heart of the Amish country; in Lancaster County.

This is not to say that you have to have a holiday milking cows only; the hotel or inns have facilities such as spas and salons, golf, museums, health clubs or gyms, wineries and breweries to visit and several other local attractions.

Options are available for romantic getaways for couples, fun holidays for the entire family. If the Amish heritage is what you would enjoy knowing about then that is available but equally more mainstream holiday pursuits are also available.

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