Being a woman isn’t as easy as it may seem. Have you ever been in the situation of wanting to travel, but there wasn’t anyone to accompany you? Well, in our days this shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

There are some so-called threats that turn out to be nothing more than some myths meant to scare off women who wish to travel.

According to the shocking stories presented by the media, the rest of the world isn’t safe for the foreign touristsand there are many bad things happening to travelers.


According to statistics, there are numerous locations where the rate of violence is lower than in certain cities of the U. S.

Naturally there are some basic rules to keep in mind, like never letting your valuables out of sight and always to have enough money to be able to grab a cab.

Before you actually get on the plane, you would better make some researches. Also you might ask the staff at the hotel to find out about the places that are safe to wonder around, and the places that you would better avoid.

Another myth that has been debunked by solo traveling women is that foreigners are more vulnerable to attacks on the road. This is also a false statement and the sad truth is that according to the statistical data, the chances are a lot higher to get assaulted by someone you know, than by a stranger.

Keep in mind to take some measures for your safety. Call a cab instead of wondering alone in dark alleys and it is also a good idea to get a money belt. In case you are traveling with a group, the chances of having things stolen might increase because you reduce your vigilance.

Some people warn traveling women that the local men might be more aggressive towards them. This might be avoided in case you make some researches regarding the style and fashion that the local women follow.

In case you are traveling in a more conservative location, be sure to leave your favorite miniskirt at home.

The truth of this myth really depends on the place that you are traveling to. For example, in India in case you have a travel buddy, it might save you from the attention of other men, while in Italy men seem to be a lot more straight forward. It is important to know about these cultural differences.

How about the possibility of meeting unsavory people while traveling? Yes, it is a possibility, but it isn’t a certainty. You could make some bad friends at home as well, and so it might be silly to miss out on many things just because you are afraid of meeting such people.

In order to increase your confidence, it might be a good idea to take some smaller trips before going on a long one.

The last myth is the one regarding fake wedding band. You can be sure that any person would leave you alone in case you tell them to, regardless you are wearing one or not.


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