travel agentThe American Society of Travel Agents claim that travel restrictions to Cuba, concerning all American citizens are still too tight and that all Americans be it for tourism or business should be allowed to enter the country.

Since the imposed U.S. trade embargo in the 1960, all American tourists are required to apply for authorization before entering the country.

The American Society has formally requested the Obama administration to revoke all travel restrictions to the country; they in turn replied that unless the Cuban government was prepared to concede in return, these restrictions would not change.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce of Travel and Tourism Industries, in 2007 only 45,200 Americans and Cuban Americans were legally permitted to enter Cuba by plane, as opposed to 84,500 in 2003.

For the moment the only Americans allowed to apply for a permit to enter Cuba are reporters, aides to religious communities, athletes and students.

Many American tourists enter Cuba illegally via other neighbouring countries, as all American aircraft direct flights to Cuba are prohibited, and if caught can face serious civil penalties.

Cuba is a favourite site for worldwide visitors, and lives primarily on tourism. Were Americans allowed to travel to the Island freely, the younger tourist groups would surely benefit from this, for they seek more adventurous destinations offering better prices.

While other experts comment that Cuba’s infrastructures are not comparable to those of other Caribbean islands and that Americans would soon tire of the lack of services.


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