For those who own motorbikes, a biking trip may seem like the ideal way to spend a bit of time away from the routine of daily lifeback at home. Taking your motorbike on holiday means you get to experience the world’s natural beauty from the wide open road. In the United Kingdom manymotorbike owners, seek holidays in Europe because of the beautiful landscapes and the numerous exciting countries to explore.

A popular biking trip in Europe is to tour the Western Alps – curvy roads, High Mountain passes and breath-taking views attract numerous bikers every year. Since the Alps spans various countries in Europe, this does provide many options for a holiday. Another trip many British motorbike owners enjoy taking in Europe is motorcycling in Italy because of the country’s rich heritage and beautiful historical cities.

Whichever trip you chose, the most important thing is to make sure you and your motorbike are insured. Traveling through some unfamiliar as well as challenging roads can create a greater potential for risk. Many motorbike owners wonder if their coverage also extends across the Channel to the European Continent – the answer, of course, varies depending upon the insurer.

Typically, if you’re planning to take your bike to Europe you will need additional coverage added to your standard motorbike insurance policy. This comes in the form of European travel cover. Usually mostmotorbike insurance policies will provide this additional coverage for a specified period of time. 90 days is often the most common duration for this coverage.

Furthermore, depending upon the insurance carrier, the nature of the European travel cover for amotorbike will vary. Usually, most insurers provide the same coverage you have while residing in the United Kingdom. This would include coverage for accidents, injuries and any damage you do to someone else or their property although some policies come with additional features such as roadside assistance within any country of the European Union. If you are planning a trip to Europe or anywhere else in the world, take a look at what Carole Nashhave to offer and have a carefree biking holiday.


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