Not everyone is lucky to move around the globe and cruising on a Caribbean, Mediterranean, or sometimes the around-the-world cruise. Yes, cruising is expensive and getting the right travel insurance is extremely important.

Cruise travelling is quite different from other types of travelling thus, if you get a standard travel insurance policy, the need might not be served. There are many factors that you should remember while buying a cruise insurance policy as it will account into a hefty amount; here are few tips to remember –

points to remember while you buy cruise travel insurance

Check the Duration

A cruise lasts longer than typical travel and tours, some far flung cruises can even take month’s time or a full calendar to return back to the starting dock. However, the cruise travel insurances deal with specific durations of each holiday, say about 1-2 months.

However, some agents offer you annual cruise travel insurance policies wherein you can take as many as cruise travel trips in a year with a specific duration. Think and decide first which one would be suitable for your need and then buy it. If you plan a single travel and go for an annual policy, it’s a complete loss!

Should be Covering Global Limits

When you are buying a cruise travel insurance, obviously the region should not be restricted to limited countries. Try to opt for policies that include a whole host of countries in their list. Check the entire list meticulously to see that your preferences for countries are well covered. Some countries are usually avoided due to the political unrest issues, thus make sure your research is thorough!

See if Senior Citizens are Getting Additional Benefits

Often it is seen that cruise travellers are old aged; however these days cruising have become very popular amongst families and couples as well. Check if the insurance has some additional premiums rules and discounts for annual covers. Applicants above 65 years of ages can enjoy certain benefits while buying cruise travel insurance. For senior people application the medical benefits should also be a point of consideration.

Check the Activities that are Under Insurance Cover

Cruise travelling entails a host of fun and exciting activities like scuba diving, trekking, kayaking, and so on. See the insurance agency is offering you the coverage for these sports. The regular holiday insurance deals usually do not have these entailed.

Be Thorough about Cancellation Policies

The money you spend for this travel insurance is bound to be handsome as its “cruise”. Therefore, check if it’s offering you full cancellation cover in case the cruise is getting postponed or cancelled owing to any weather conditions. Some policies also insure you against natural disasters while cruise travelling.

Read the Entire Policy Very Well

The basic benefit of getting cruise travel insurance is that it will keep you protected from public liability, theft, and emergency repatriation cover and substantial medical coverage. Apart from these there are many more particulars involved that you need to be clear about. Therefore read the agreement very well before you invest. If needed compare it with another 5 shortlisted insurance agents and then sign off!


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