Before you venture on a journey to foreign country, the wise thing to do is to purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance will help you in the emergency situations and will let you truly enjoy your trip by calming you and offering peace of mind.

Things That Travel Insurance Does Not Cover

But there are certain things which travel insurance does not cover and you must be aware of them before leaving. The following are the top 10 things your travel insurance does not cover:

1. Preexisting medical conditions-if you have been diagnosed or treated for a medical condition before leaving for your trip, then you must know that most of the travel insurance policies might not cover the medical attention that you may require relating to it on the trip. Hence if any kinds of complications crop up, you will have to pay for them on your own.

2. Pregnancy-most of the travel insurance policies will not cover the costs of giving birth if you happen to go into labor on your trip.  This happens because pregnancy too is a preexisting condition.

3. Mental health-if a person is suffering from any mental illnesses or disorders, then any problems relating to it needing medical attention will not be covered by his/her travel insurance.  Hence for this too, you will have to pay on your own.

4. Adventure sports and other activities-if you happen to injure yourself during an adventure activity or extreme sport, then remember that the travel insurance will not pay for treatment in this case. Some insurance policies specifically list down the activities that will be covered but all activities outside the list may not be.

5. Pet health- if you bring along a pet for your trip and the pet falls sick or needs medical help, the travel insurance policy is not likely to pay for it.

6. Lost baggage-most of the travel insurance policies cover for lost luggage which has been lost for atleast 24 hours but any lost baggage which is recovered within 24 hours is not covered by the policy and will not be replaced.

7. War-it is important to know that while you are on a trip, if a civil war or any other kind of unrest breaks out, then the insurance policy will not pay for your cancellation costs and return of air fare, return of hotel reservation amount and booked tickets.

8. Accidents or injuries which are not mentioned in the policy-if a particular accident or injury is not mentioned in the policy, then you must know that there is no way the travel insurance will pay for the medical attention required for its treatment.

9. Lost important items-travel insurance policy doesn’t replace or pay for all those items are not mentioned in the document, if they happen to get lost on the trip.

10. Cancelled tours- if you cancel the trip on your own, then most travel insurance policies are not likely to pay for any costs that you might incur such as flight tickets, reservations and other expenditures.

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