One potential worry that can crop up for people planning a holiday abroad is what would happen if you had an accident whilst there.

If the worst occurred and you did have an accident, you’d be perfectly entitled to make an accident claim even though the accident didn’t happen in the UK. This is especially so if the unfortunate incident was caused by someone else’s carelessness.

So what do you do if you have an accident while on holiday? Here are a few suggestions:

Seek medical attention

The first thing to do if you’ve had an accident is to seek medical attention, just as you would at home. Always be sure to visit a doctor or hospital immediately to ensure your safety.

Additionally, waiting to seek medical attention is likely to damage any potential claim for compensation you have, and could lessen your chances of receiving a pay-out.

Take pictures of the injuries if possible, and the area in which the injury took place, as this can later be used as evidence to help your case.

If you believe someone was to blame for your accident, call the police and ask for an English translator to be present when making your statement – even if you think you have a good grasp of the local language.

Contact your trip advisor/hotel

By contacting your trip advisor, hotel or travel rep when you have an accident, your case will be well documented and help can be provided when establishing communications with a solicitor.

If in doubt, contact a UK legal team which specializes in injuries that occur on holiday. They can take charge of the situation and allow for a more authoritative communication system with the legal authorities of the country you are staying in.

Go home?

If you feel your medical treatment is inadequate or you cannot afford the hospital costs, don’t be afraid to get the next flight home.

If you have followed the above steps then you can base your claim from the UK and still have documented evidence to provide your lawyers with.

Always insure you take out appropriate travel insurance – especially if you are going on a holiday that may involve extreme sports or dangerous activities.

All holidays has their risk of accidents, so to be fully prepared to make sure you take out at least a basic insurance for your holiday type.

The last thing you expect to happen on holiday is a nasty accident. However, these things sometimes do occur, so don’t be put off on claiming compensation just because you’re abroad.


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