For many of us who are conscious about the environment, travelling becomes a guilt trip since we know that travelling puts lots of pressure on the environment as emissions. Does it mean then that you should not travel if you want to be eco- friendly? No, there are lot of eco- friendly ways to travel. Follow these tips to travel in an environment safe way

eco friendly travel

1. Choose an eco- friendly destination like a national park or a beach for your travel. The donations from these places are used to conserve communities that are doing well to the environment. Of course the best way to conserve the environment is to not travel at all. So, why not consider going somewhere closer to home. You could choose a destination that is closer and in the same region to explore.

2. While going out on your vacation, switch off all appliances that will not be required to run for the time you are not there. Even the refrigerator can be put off if you are going out for more than 15 days. Do be sure to take out all foodstuff and clean up your fridge before putting it off though.

3. Travel by bus or train. Trains are an eco- friendly way to travel and much better than air travel as it carries many people in it without putting too much pressure on the environment. Air travel is very taxing on the environment so try to avoid it. However, if you do need to travel by air then try to take a direct flight as this will save a lot of fuel being used.

4. Carry your own water bottles and reuse them. Do not buy disposable water bottles or if you do buy one at beginning of the journey, keep refilling it to avoid too much use of plastic.

5. Once you reach the destination, try to cover as much of travelling you need to do for your sight-seeing, on foot. You could even consider renting a bike. These are better options and more environment friendly than a car or a cab.

6. As another option, you may take the local transportation which will carry many people at one time, or go in for a shared ride to make your travel more eco conscious.

7. If you do have to use a cab, then try a rental company that has hybrid cars with them. These cars will use less fuel and are more energy efficient.

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