Planning on a family vacation? Take extra care if you’re traveling with children, especially if you’re taking infants or toddlers. Here are a few tips:

Select destination: Help your children explore their destination by giving them travel guide books. Preferably choose a destination that has a temperate climate.

Study the environmental conditions before leaving. Make sure they have child-friendly facilities.

Transportation: Choose child-friendly transportation. If the destination is far away, fly rather than going by road. Keep a bag on you which contains all the things you need for your kids.

If your child is suffering from ear problems, consult your doctor and take precautions before traveling.

Teach your children how to sit and move in an aeroplane without hurting themselves. Pack special blankets, stuffed toys and a teething ring if you are going with infants. If you are traveling in a car, bus or train, take precautions. Book the tickets in advance to get comfortable seats.

Packing: Pack luggage in a trolley suitcase if your children are old enough to carry it. List the important items before you start packing. Carry cribs, diapers, extra dresses and baby bathing items for infants. Pack story books and lightweight toys to entertain your children.

Carry a first-aid box which contains child-friendly medicines. Pack as much luggage as you can carry. If you are traveling to a cold climate, carry sweaters and other woolen items. Pack plastic covers to pack wet clothes into.

Pack a variety of snacks. Check labels and expiry date before buying. Pack plastic or foil wraps to pack leftovers into.

Carry tissues and toilet paper. Carry extra bottles, nipples and pacifiers for infants. Stick labels inside your bags. Write your name, address and contact information on labels. Lock your bags and suitcases to control kids from opening the luggage randomly.

Pack a camera in your shoulder bag. When you take photographs, ensure you don’t disturb your baby.

Safety: If you have planned to stay in hotel, make sure you book the room In advance. Carry baby cribs, small and portable bath tubs. Pack blankets, pads and a rubber sheet to keep baby safe while changing diapers.


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