When it comes time to pick a family vacation destination with a toddler, you must consider the special needs of your youngest family members. Toddlers easily get tired with excessive walking, so you need a destination that accommodates strollers. Young children also have small attention spans and need plenty of opportunities to quench their natural curiosity. Destinations with many different attractions and hands-on activities work best for children age 3 and younger. Here are few best travel destinations for your young kids:

1. Magic Kingdom Walt Disney

Magic Kingdom Walt Disney


Photo Credit By: blaineharrington.photoshelter.com 

Located in Orlando, Florida, this is purely a magical destination with its undisputed spectacular crown jewel in Disney’s 47 square-mile empires surrounded with theme parks, lovely hotels and water wonderlands. Also fireworks, rides, parades, and meals with Mickey mouse are another matter of attraction for kids. Even if you visit this place several times young kids always find more to do, enjoy, eat, and explore. Also hotels are kids friendly with additional facilities for kids under three

2.  Monterey Bay Aquarium 

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Photo Credit By: nemogould.com

This is just amazingly set on California’s rocky and gorgeous coast near Carmel. This attraction is a favourite place with its stunning exhibits that ranges from small pools for toddlers to enjoy. The huge and big shark tanks are just the wonder lands for the little kids. The place is a lovable one for both kids and their parents; in fact it’s a real challenge for the parents to take the kids away from the oceanic display. Once you step out of the massive aquarium show, the outdoors greets you with the beautiful sea lions, big whales, and many more aquatic animals swimming in their own natural environment.

3. Disneyland


Photo Credit By: vistanature.com

This is located in California, United States and has become a timelsss icon for kids and also adults. Apart from being a huge attraction, it is also a powerhouse of exciting shows like Peter Pan’s Flight and Pirates of the Caribbean, plus dazzling fireworks, parades, and the breathtaking fantastic views are spectacular. Although it is most of the time crowded and high priced, this place has got so much of timeless appeal that this has become a Forever land to visit with toddlers.

4. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

Photo Credit By: grayline.com

This is one of the world’s loveliest zoos situated just north of downtown San Diego, California, USA with fully natural settings that give shelter to a variety of natural inhabitants. The summer climate is quite hot and humid, so you must pack water for yourself and take the bus tour watching large creatures up and down hills with your kids. For closer views of the elusive cats and the panda cub take two full days. Also your toddlers can enjoy and learn things in the outstanding children’s area through educational shows and hands-on activities.


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