Museums are one of the most popular categories of tourists attractions in the world. Not only are they fascinating but also prove to be a good learning experience for people. There are many types of museums and some of them include history museums, art museums, science museums, cultural museums and others.

But to visit any kind of a museum, there are certain points and basic etiquettes which everyone must follow. If you are planning to visit a museum anytime soon, then you too must keep these points in mind. The following are the 6 most effective ones.

important points to follow while visiting a museum

1. Do not Touch Anything

One of the first points to follow while visiting a museum is to not touch anything which is on display. This is also mentioned at several places within the museum and is important to follow because anything displayed in a museum is of great value and by touching it; you could ruin it, damage it or even break it. Even a light touch can damage fragile art works or display pieces.

2. Leave the Camera at Home

Another tip to follow while visiting a museum is to not carry the camera. Most museums do not allow photography but even if it is allowed, it is better to enjoy the displays with your eyes rather than getting busy with clicking pictures.

3. Go with a Guide

If you truly want to understand what the museum has to offer, then it is better to go in with a guide. If you cannot find a guide, then a guidebook could be helpful too. Doing so is the best way to understand the history and importance of things which are at display.

4. You Don’t Need to Like and Appreciate Everything

It is okay if you don’t understand, like or appreciate everything at a museum. It is good to have opinions and it is better to be opinioned rather than pretend to like what the museum has to offer. This is why a lot of people consider museums boring.

5. Don’t Try to See Everything

Some museums are extremely big or widespread and it may not be possible to see everything at one go. Do not try to see everything as this can make you hurry up and may make you miss out on things which really matter. Avoid doing so and take time to see the few things that you experience.

6. Don’t Bring Children

A lot of people love to take their children to see museums to make them learn things and experience art. But if you have a naughty or loud lot, then it is better to not take them until they turn a little older. Even if told not to touch things or talk loudly, children may not be able to resist their natural urge.  Also, most museums do not appreciate children talking, screaming or crying. Thus it is better to leave the kids alone, unless they are a well behaved and quiet lot.


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