Monasteries are the place of worships for Buddhists but people from all religions and walks of life love visiting them because they are extremely peaceful and divine. One thing that is common in almost all the monasteries of the world is the unique location.

It is a fact that the world’s most beautiful monasteries are located at spectacular locations and among the beauty of nature.  They are mostly located at high altitudes to ensure that there is not much human intervention and the peace is maintained. The following is a list of the best 6 monasteries in the world which are a must-visit.

1. Meteora Monastery, Greece

meteora monastery, greece

This is a beautifully located monastery which is best visited between July and October. It is also a UNESCO heritage site and has massive rock figures which overlook a riverine forest.  This monastery is basically a group of 4 monasteries which Buddhists and other tourists from around the world come to visit. It is fairly easy to reach it even inspite of the fact that it is located at a high altitude.

2. Key Monastery, India

key monastery, india

This monastery is located in the Himachal Pradesh region of India and is a three-storeyed place of worship which was founded in the 11th century.  It is still the largest raining center for lamas in the country and is popular for its paintings and murals.  It is one of the most visited monasteries in India.

3. Paro Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan

paro taktsang monastery, bhutan

Bhutan is known for its many amazing monasteries but this one is the best of the lot.  It was founded in the 8th century and comprises of 8 caves and 4 temples.  Each of these caves consists of several paintings which people from all over the country to see.  The hike to this monastery can be done only on horseback.

4. Xuan Kong Monastery, China

xuan kong monastery, china

This hanging monastery was built near a cliff about 1500 years ago and the entire complex consists of about 40 gravity defying halls.  It is truly an architectural wonder and is known for the 80 sculptures which it has. It is infact the only place on earth where the sculptures of Confucius, Laotzu and Shakyamuni appear together.

5. Taung Kalat, Burma

taung kalat, burma

This monastery is set atop a volcanic mountain and has 777 steps.  Not only is it a very old monastery but also offer spectacular scenic views.  This oasis in the arid heart of the country is believed to have erupted on its own in 442  BC and this is what makes this monastery so special. Taung Kalat monastery is often visited by Buddhists from across the world.

6. Ganden Monastery, Tibet

ganden monastery, tibet

This is yet another must visit monastery in the world and was constructed in 1409.  The best time to visit it is between May and October. It consists of several halls including Lagyi hall, Yangbagyain hall and Chitokang hall etc.  It is located in Dangze County and was built by famous Tibetan philosopher Tsongkhapa.


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