traveling womenFor women, traveling alone has its own set of challenges and joy.

If you want to experience an extraordinary trip, you have to follow certain safety tips.

Here are a few safety tips that every woman has to ensure while traveling.

  1. Be certain that the hotel you are staying in is safe. There are many ways to ensure safety at the hotel you are staying in. For instance, you can request for a room nearer to the elevator, while filling registration form.
  2. When you just boarded in a new city, plan your trip once you arrive at the very same day. This is because areas around the train or bus terminals can be deserted during night times.
  3. Be sure to keep all your documents and money safe. Wear a money belt for storage but not as a purse or you can use separate bag or purse for carrying your every day spending money.
  4. Choose appropriate dresses for your trip to avoid unwanted attention towards you. But this doesn’t mean that you have to choose traditional dress, rather wear something in which you feel comfortable and more secured.
  5. Move and act confidently as though you know the place well. This way you can prevent looking like an easy target for robbers and also avoid other potential dangers during travel.
  6. Know when and how to make friends and seek out a company that you will feel completely secured and safe.


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