Sure you have to drag a diaper bag (not to mention stroller, car seat and a generous supply of Goldfish) everywhere you go, you haven’t had a full night’s sleep in you can’t remember how long and the dire economic news makes you wonder how you’ll ever pay for preschool, much less college.

But then there’s the bright side — travel-wise, anyway. While everyone else is up to their ears in carpools, homework and soccer games, you’re free to get out of town.

You gleefully avoid traveling during the crowded (and pricey) school break weeks, which means you not only pay less, but garner more attention for your little darlings and better service for you, too.

You’ll curry favor from co-workers for working those weeks they desperately need off.

The best part: You’ve got your pick of places to go this fall — some just a short drive or train ride from home — that not only won’t bust the budget but will welcome diaper-wearing, Goldfish-toting babies and toddlers.

Choose smart and you can grab a bargain, especially right now as the travel industry trots out an array of deals with plenty of extras thrown in.

(How many resort credits can you use in a long weekend?) You might even manage a little time for romance — or at least for an afternoon nap. There are plenty of good bets for single moms and dads too.



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