road tripWhile the term ‘road trip’ is the cause of excitement and sheer joy for some, it can mean absolute terror for others, mainly those who suffer from anxiety while driving.

It turns out that many Americans suffer from anxiety disorders and report that most panic or anxiety attacks happen while driving.

This can happen for several reasons ranging from the feeling of trapped in the confined space of your car to having some free time to let your fears and anxieties get the better of you.

Sure you may be busy driving, but many people whether they realize it or not do manage to let their minds wander while driving and for someone who suffers from anxiety the mind tends to drift off into negative thoughts that stem from fear.

One way to help remedy this is to not go on long road trips alone. By having someone else with you, you’ll be less likely to let your mind wander off to these dark places because you’ll be engaged in conversation much of the time.

It’s even better if someone you’re traveling with is also a driver because they can take over if you’re really not feeling up to driving and having a hard time.

The comfort of knowing that you have someone else there or some ‘back up’ can make all the difference in the world and really help to ease the pressure.

A lot of the anxiety faced by drivers has to do with a fear of something going wrong, so having someone else with you means that you can rest assured that someone else is looking out for you as well.

For many drivers the anxiety stems from a fear of the things they can’t control like the other cars on the road. You need to remember that you are in control of your car and it is your choice to keep within the speed limit, obey the rules of the road and not do anything dangerous.

You DO have control because you control the car. As for the other cars around you; be aware, keep a safe distance and all of those other things that your driving instructor taught you.

If traffic really causes you a great deal of stress, then head out on road trips nice and early when the roads are pretty much empty. There’s nothing quite like the open road at dawn anyway!

Not only do you not have to contend with traffic but many also find it a very calm and relaxing time of the day to drive. And another plus—no line ups at the drive through when you stop for that Mc Muffin and coffee!


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