cuzcoThe city of Cuzco is the historic capital of the Inca Empire.

With its vibrant markets selling anything from tasty vegetables to elaborate weavings, Cuzco attracts many visitors every year.

Its easy charm is obvious for all to see, wooden shutters and balconies, cobbled streets and earthen tiled roofs.

A lot of traditional scenes are deliberately portrayed for the numerous tourists taking pictures in the streets and meeting places.

The area was declared a world heritage site back in 1983 by UNESCO and it is easy to see why.

Despite being devastated by an earthquake in 1950 that destroyed more than a third of the city’s buildings Cuzco is still the most popular south eastern Peruvian tourist destination today.

In fact the disaster actually uncovered previously hidden historic gems and most of the ancient brick was unaffected by the natural phenomenon.

In the last decade the hotel industry has rapidly expanded and world travelers are well provided for. There are many ruined temples and remnants of the Inca culture are everywhere to be found.

Cuzco is well served by the Alejandro Velasco Asteto International airport and there are excellent road links.

Amongst the many places to visit is the cathedral and the Coricancha temple. Just wondering around the various plazas can also be a relaxing way to see this great city.

Visitors can enjoy the local cuisine in the form of fusion and neo-Andean restaurants popping up throughout Cuzco.

The real appeal of Cuzco is the Andean atmosphere, which enlivens all the senses, from the lively music, persistent street hawkers and all its ancient traditions.


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