travellingA statistic was released the other day that the percentage of people traveling is skyrocketing despite the current economic state.

And the percentage of people traveling alone is increasing as well.

However, surprisingly the highest percentage of people traveling alone is women. This is great as is says a lot for the state of the world that women are 1) able to travel alone and 2) independent enough to consider the realm of possibilities for traveling alone.

There are some obvious things woman traveler need to keep in mind when traveling to other countries most clearly the customs of other countries. Women are perceived differently in other countries and as the saying goes, ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’.

Another obvious item for people to keep in mind before traveling, not just women, is that their Visa or passport is good and will not expire for several months.

However there are also a few things women may not think about when venturing out on a vacation to ourselves.

We may be so excited by the idea of having our time to ourselves and away from everyday life that we won’t necessarily be thinking about safety while traveling alone. Also, many of us women have the ‘they aren’t going to mess with me’ mentality.

Here we have a few tips for women who are traveling alone to keep in mind:

  1. Leave absolutely all valuables at home. Do not take jewelry even costume jewelry with you. Keep extra credit cards at home as well. The thing is a person who will mug you will not know the jewelry is fake and the person who is about to mug you won’t know you don’t have credit cards in your purse when they snatch it. So be safe and keep all valuables at home while traveling.
  2. Make sure all of your prescription medications are in their original casing. Some countries have different ideas of what is legal and what is suspicious when they see unlabeled pharmaceutical drugs in your purse.
  3. Use common sense while traveling and while out and about at your destination. Act confident. A person is less likely to assault or attack you or even rob you if you have an air about you that you are confident and not one to be reckoned with. If you feel like you are being followed listen to your instinct and duck into a store or restaurant.


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