There are many romantic things you would have done with your partner such as taking her for a candle light dinner, a late night walk by the beach or a stay by an isolated hill resort. Now thinking about where to take her for her honeymoon? Of course you cannot take your honey to the moon but what about an island! An isolated island provides the perfect destination for a peaceful and romantic honeymoon with your heartthrob.


Here is the list of top 5 most romantic islands in the world –

  1. Fiji

Fiji is a collection of 333 islands untouched by human fury and restored in nature’s pristine form. The rain-forest-rich island of Taveuni, ornamented with coconut plantations and serene waterfalls, has a lot to offer lovers seeking beauty in nature’s bounty. Scuba-diving the colorful coral-blanketed Rainbow Reef which also includes the the famous perpendicular Great White Wall of luminescent coral for a rich peek at sea life, including barracuda and parrotfish and other small colorful fishes, is an eternal favorite for couples.

  1. Bora Bora

This is a six mile long French Polynesian island with extravagant hotels and millionaire bungalows. For couples willing to explore the island as well as their love for each other, excursions are organized followed by a private picnic where Polynesian barbecue is served along with Roulotte Matira. Witness the beautiful sunset together and you would surely be tempted to kiss each other!

  1. North Bimini, Bahamas

This wonderful island offers an interesting piece of American history: Author Ernest Hemingway considered it his favorite escape especially for the island’s exceptional fishing experience. The undulating Love Tree, atop a rocky outcropping right on the beach is also a favourite Travel destination of many couples. Several couples have got engaged under it, and it is a picturesque location. Local Bahamian legend says it brings good luck and fortune to those who kiss beneath it when the sun is near the horizon at dawn.

  1. Boracay

Boracay is a four mile Philippine island which is known for its untouched beaches and pictorial scenery. Expansive White Beach is the most popular, but peace and solitude can be had at Puka Beach where you can hold your lover’s hand and sit for endless hours and there would be no one to intrude. After sunbathing, with your lover, experience the eco-adventure locale Ariel’s Point, where you can climb up a bamboo ladder and cliff-dive in tandem bicycle, as part of a daylong excursion. You can also indulge in a boat cruise with your spouse, or else do cliff-diving, snorkeling, kayaking, hammock lounging and an open bar facility.

  1. Hawaii

Hawaii is the most sought out honeymoon destination. Its long, white beaches and the pristine oceans add a feather to its cap. Do not miss taking a 15- minute hiking trip to the Sweetheart Rock known to the locals as Puu Pehe. Ancient folklore has it that a  brave warrior married a beautiful woman and trapped her inside the rock cave so that no one else could lay eyes on her. Hope your love story is not this unhappy!

So pack your bags and take your love to the best holiday ever!


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