When  it comes to celebrate the night between the old year and the new one, there is nothing more wrong than watching a movie  from your home armchair with a huge bag of popcorn at hand waiting for 12 o’clock to come, to go out and watch somebody else’s fireworks.

If you love traveling a lot and dream of an unusual but fun New Year’s Eve party here are a few destinations you may consider.

1.Sin City New Year Celebration

The Sin City that never sleeps is partying every minute and it sure can handle organizing the largest and most fabulous party for the New Year 2010. There are so many clubs and hotels, bars and casinos that is almost impossible not to have a good time.

The street traffic will be stopped and the fireworks promise to have a grandeur beyond imagination. There will be confetti, wine tasting, rock concerts and light and sound performance but also a Black Eyed Peas concert live at LAX Night Club.

2.The Largest New Year’s Eve Party is in Germany

On the 17 June Street near the Victory Column in Berlin, 2 kilometers of street are filled with stages, shows, concerts and public displays serving the best food in the world.

A huge fireworks display promises to start the show at 5 pm and continue at midnight. Last year 1 million people partied there so go increase the numbers of this year’s crowd.

3. JOURS DEFÊTE  Grand Palais

In the middle of the fantastic Grand Palais between the December 18th and January 1st, 11 am and midnight, you can enjoy a magical display of lights and an amazing show displayed in the largest fair in the world, holding all the attractions an adrenalin junkie can wish.

Here the New Year party will gather a large crowd of people in bad need of a party, who will have the privilege to enjoy the best music and the best light shows in Europe.

4. Moulin Rouge – The Chic of the Classy

Maybe the most intriguing place for a night in Paris celebrates 120 years of existence. Still amazing with its original cabaret shows, Moulin Rouge promises a sophisticated party very far from the ones we saw in the movies.

On the menu there is foie gras, lamb and vacherin glace but also the finest champagne and the exquisite show of Doris Girls. It will bring you a memorable party.

5. Corral de la Morería- The Best Flamenco in the World

Described as holding the best flamenco dancers on the globe Corral de la Morería on the top of the 1000 places you must visit according to Times Magazine. A cabaret opened in 1956, brought famous dancers like Isabel Pantoja and Antonio Gades and in the spectators, some of the greatest personalities of the world, JFK, R. Reagan, Sinatra, Marlon Brando and Enest Hemingway.

The New Year party held here will create a perfect memory.

6. Bungalow 8 London Party

The New Year party in Bungalow 8 will bring the entire extravagance specific to this location originated from New Cork. The European Charm of the club is created by the Indian architect Mahdaviis, creator of the many exclusivist clubs.

A subscription to the club allow you to participate at the most fabulous events the New Year party being one of them. So why not?

7. The Cape Town “Mardi Gras” Look-a-like

On the New Year’s Eve when the clock Hill strike 12 on the Waterfront , the place with the best shops and restaurants, a huge party will explode in a frenzy of African dancers, banjo singers, painted faces and African culinary delicates. Psy-trance, drum ‘n bass, techno, chill, progressive, dub, and breaks are only a few of the rhythms that will be played and the grandeur will for sure surpass Mardi Gras parties.


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