With its mix of colorful cultural monuments, wineries and outdoor adventures, Illinois is the best choice for a weekend getaway. Here are a few weekend getaway ideas in Illinois that will help you unwind from the hum drum of urban life.


Historic getaways

If dwelling in the past is your favorite pass time, then you should opt for a quick tour to the past and back, by choosing from a variety of historic places to visit in Illinois. These are some of the best historical places.

  • Bishop Hill, located in Cambridge, which is a Utopian village and was built way back in the 1800s.
  • Naper Settlement is a historical museum complex situated close to Naperville. It is a complex of 18 buildings that replicates a Midwestern settlement of the 19th century.
  • Springfield is another hub of historic places focused on the life and times of President Lincoln. There is also a museum solely dedicated to him.

Art Getaways

Art fans have special treats at Illinois. Performing arts is promoted in a big way in this state. So you will find Ballet companies, orchestras, exhibitions and many related attractions. Springfield, Peoria, Urbana-Champaign, Bloomington and Chicago are the places to visit if you are an art enthusiast and love weekend getaways spent in art appreciation.

Wine Trails

Dotted with around 80 wineries, the state of Illinois is a paradise for wine lovers. If you are one of those wine aficionados, then we recommend you to plan a trip to any of the wineries for a weekend getaway. If you have trouble deciding which one to choose then Shawnee Hills Wine Trail situated in the Shawnee National Forest is the best bet. A 25-mile trail takes you through a winding tour of 12 wineries and their vineyards that line this hill forest.

Golf Getaways

From basic to luxurious resort and spas, avid golfers have many options to pick from to get away and enjoy their favorite sport. Springfield, Alton, Peoria and Pana are abounding with golf resorts that can enable you to combine business and pleasure or plan a family vacation or one with only fellow golfers.

Package Tours

If planning a trip is not your cup of tea, then choose from a variety of tours operating in Illinois. Chicago is one such hub for tour operators. These include a whole range of tours, from the general to the very specific ones. Some of the custom tour categories include architectural tours, food tours and sightseeing tours. There are also Presidential trail tours dedicated to Lincoln, Reagan, Grant and Obama. These are organized by the Bureau of Tourism, Illinois and are budget –friendly.


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