Imagine being on a holiday in your own rented villa enjoying the serenity of the destination around you. Doesn’t that sound totally amazing? These days, more and more number of people are renting villas rather than booking hotel rooms across the world as doing so offers more privacy, better stay experience and of course the true feel of a holiday. If you are someone who wants to live in a rented villa on your next holiday then you must know the top 5 places in the world for doing so. They are given as follows:

places in the world for renting a villa


Amidst the view of the blue ocean and the white surroundings, renting a villa in Greece is an awesome option to enjoy with your family or friends. There are many villa renting options in this country depending upon your budget and taste and these can be prebooked before you venture out for the country.  Some villas come with their own personal pool as well and may offer you a care taker for looking after you.


Indonesian islands and cities often offer you the option of renting a villa for your stay duration and this can be an incredible experience. The villa can offer you the peace and quiet that you so deserve and there are amazing options to choose from. Most of these are free of walls and have curtains around them to let you breathe in the fresh air all the time.


Italy is known for its gorgeous villas with attached vineyards. If you have seen the movie called ‘Under the Tuscan sun’ then you definitely know what we mean. These Italian villas enable you to experience a fabulous vacation time and with friendly neighbors around, your holiday couldn’t be any better. These are definitely better than staying at a hotel or a similar accommodation. If you are lucky, you can even find a villa in the midst of a lovely farm.


From big and luxurious villas to small and cozy ones, France is home to some amazing villa rental options that can offer you an experience beyond your imagination. This country is known for its old and classic villa options which often come with attached pools on the property. From multiple room villas to single room properties, these come in all sizes and types.

Cape Town

If you truly wish to experience a beach villa experience, then Cape Town is the place to be. The country offers villas for people with all budget types and they come in a variety of sizes, types, designs and interiors. You can log online to look for one and book it for yourself today!


You can easily rent a beach villa in Maldives and enjoy the serenity of the big wide blue ocean. These villas offer you the option of stepping out into the ocean right from the backside of your villa and have outdoor water tubs from which you can enjoy the view.


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