Paris, Rome and Venice are considered the most common destinations for a romantic Valentine’s day trip. Still, if you are not fond of clichés but you want a romantic getaway, here are a few places where you would love to spend the lover’s day.

1. Paphos, Cyprus

A little town on the seaside, beautiful as only old towns on the Mediterranean shore can be, this is the place for romantic hearts fond of antiques.

Paphos, Cyprus

Here it is a beautiful archeological park in which you can find splendid mosaics (House of Theseus, House of Dionysos), Odeon – and impressive theater, and the necropolis of the royal class.

There are many paths and alleys along the shore where lovers can walk hand in hand under the moonlight, enjoying the sweet breeze and the blessing of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

For accommodation and fun, Paphos offers modern hotels and an amazing water park.

2. Hvar, Croatia

If you want to spend Valentine’s Day on a secluded destination, you don’t have to go far around the world. Hvar is an island in the Adriatic Sea. It is the type of Mediterranean island, green, fertile and filled with springs and forests. It has beautiful towns, aged and peaceful, spectacular scenery, beautiful beaches and very welcoming hotels looking as if they were specially design for lovers.

Minolta DSC

You can take a cab boat and a goodies basket and go for a lovers’ picnic on a small island like Jerolim or Stipanska where you can enjoy the sunset, bathing or lying on a beach.

You might even considering swimming in the nude because it is perfectly ok there.

3. Wiltshire, Great Britain

If you are an unconventional couple with a taste for supernatural, you can spend your Valentine’s day at Stonehenge.

The most impressive romantic destination in this English countryside is near Salisbury. Here lies the most impressive forest that you so often heard mentioned in the Jane Austin’s novels.

Wiltshire, Great Britain

The forest is filled with paths and alleys ready to indulge romantic walks and tender moments. You can be as corny as you want to in Lover, a little village, where during Valentine’s day, love is celebrated with valentines stamped with the name of the village.

You can get cozy accommodation at welcoming inns and enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Pembroke Mansion and Salisbury Cathedral. Surely here you will share an old school romantic lover holiday.


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