Now known as The Netherlands, Holland is a sight to behold especially during spring time.

A trip to this beautiful country will take you to famous cities like Amsterdam, Hague and Haarlem in addition to many historic and culturally important towns and cities of the country.

Fabulous Holland

Here is how you can plan a 10 day trip toHolland and make the most of it.

Day 1

Arrive at Amsterdam, the capital city and the centre point of your trip. Plan such that you arrive during the day and get enough time to acclimatize and settle down. If you feel fresh enough you could go for a walk around the hotel and explore its surroundings. Enjoy an early dinner and rest for the day.

Day 2 &3

Begin your sightseeing at Amsterdam. There are so many museums to see and historic monuments to visit that one day is not enough. The Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Noordermarkt, Anne Frank Museum are some of the things you must not miss. Cruise along the canals and enjoy an evening aboard dining cruises or a night out in a houseboat along the canal.

Day 4

Your next destination would be Haarlem, the harbor city with a medieval charm to it. The town hall, the Grote Kerk and the Frans Hals Museum are some of the attractions of this city. The Grote Kerk is a historic church that houses the largest pipe organ in Holland.

Day 5

Halfway into the trip Keukenhof is the next place to land. The first place to visit especially during spring would be the Keukenhof gardens. It is a riot of colors with a multitude of flowers ranging from all hues of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and many more. It has the distinction of being the largest flower garden in theworld. Take your time to stroll through the greenery and soak in every bit of this once in a lifetime experience. In the afternoon head to the city of Leiden, where you can visit the American Pilgrim Museum, that explains all about the famous Flower Route.

Day 6

Your next stop would be Hague. Locally called Den Haag, this city has everything from museums to local food to keep you busy. The famous monuments include parliament house and the Mauritshuis Art Museum. A brief lunch and then head to Delft, home to the famous blue-white porcelain. A visit to Delft calls for a stopover at the 1653 built Royal Delft porcelain factory which is a living testimony to this incredible art form.

Day 7

On day 7, arrive at the port of Rotterdam and choose a spot facing the sea, and the port for your breakfast. Visit to the UNESCO heritage site Kinderdijk-Elshout is a must. It houses the wind mills built in the 18th century. In the afternoon take the barge to Gouda and visit the City Hall and the famous St. John’s Church. A dinner at Gouda’s finest restaurants will leave you craving for more.

Day 8

Adjoining Gouda are the famous villages of Groene Hart and Oude Wetering which are the original cheese markets that will add to your knowledge of history and manufacture of cheese. For a more firsthand experience, you could rent a bike and ride through the rural landscape.

Day 9

Your final destination before hitting Amsterdam would be Aalsmeer. Famous for its largest flower auctions in the world, Aalsmeer is a tulip capital in spring. Tulip trade is big business in this otherwise obscure town. Enjoy an early morning stroll in the market and then sail back to Amsterdam from where you depart.

Day 10

Time to depart from this beautiful trip has come. Enjoy an early morning breakfast and leave for the Amsterdam airport, bidding adieu to the Netherlands.


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