Bachelor party is an important event in the life of a man. Many factors should be kept in mind while planning a road trip to the desired destination. Since it is a bachelor party, night life plays a vital role. Thereby, beach destinations by far are the best in bachelor parties where you can get a charge out of the maddening night life. Marriage brings a lot of responsibilities with it and you may not be able to toss your responsibilities for a fleeting bachelordom, full of eccentric fun. So make the most of your trip as it will certainly be a memory to cherish.

Tips to Plan a Bachelor’s Road Trip Party Vacation


The budget is an important consideration when planning a road bachelor trip. A destination should be chosen which is affordable by each and every member of the group. If for instance, a trek to Thailand cannot be afforded by each and every member of the group, then a cheaper Travel destination should be chosen. Once the destination is finalized, then the itinerary can be planned.

Importance of the Bachelor

While it is vital to keep the bachelor in the dark for fun, but his opinion is important in deciding the destination. Finally the bachelor is the soul of the party and his desire should count the most. The trip should be customized according to his hobbies and passion to make the experience a memorable one or him.

Enjoy the Journey

This road trip should be a kick off to the actual bachelor party and it should boost the overall experience. Road trips are much more fun than flights. In a road trip you can halt according to your wish, sing, dance and enjoy every moment being together. So, given a choice, a road trip should always be preferred over flights. Enjoy the journey by cracking jokes, singing songs of the school days. It is an experience of a lifetime and you may not get an opportunity to meet all your school buddies together again.

Put on Weight

You will certainly not plan for gaining weight but will land up adding quite a few pounds if you consider every meal as a celebration and indulge in overeating. Never mind the inches when you are having so much fun with your friends. Forget about everything and just enjoy to the hilt. After returning from the trip you can hit the gym and do double workouts to shed the extra pounds. So, just chill! Eat and drink as if there is no tomorrow and return from the trip feeling satiated and nothing to regret.

Drink to Your Heart’s Content

The main attraction of all bachelor parties is drinking of course. During summer, enjoying bachelor party on a sun kissed beach is just the right thing to do. You can snug in a beach bar sipping beer with pleasure. You can arrange for pub crawls and lap up a good time. Enjoy the hangover.

Keep a Record of All the Memorable Moments

Write down every detail of the memorable trip with your buddies at the end of the trip. You will be amazed as to how rich these memories will be when you will look back a couple of years later with nostalgia. On your way back after the trip try and recount every minute detail of the trip and crown the winner who could give the maximum details of the thrilling, unforgettable trip. This would be a lot of fun and you can try it.

Enjoy your bachelor road trip and believe it to be a life time experience.


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