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4 Ideas for Family Adventure Travel

Planning for a vacation with your kids? Now-a-days, family adventure travel is gaining more popularity among families. Kids are no more interested to lie on a beach with you and they would like to do great adventures outdoors. Kids are more open to play with their parents with some slow pitch softball bats or basketball […]

5 of the Best Places to Enjoy Spring Break

5 of the Best Places to Enjoy Spring Break

When March rolls around on the calendar in North America, millions of people look for somewhere warm to go for spring break. The kids are out of school and often take off for spring break with their friends or families. These are some of the top destinations for those looking where to go this March: 1. […]


The Spring Carnivals and the Joy They Bring

Year after year when the winter is almost over and spring is near, we are allowed to dream of attending two of the most popularcarnivals in the world: The Carnival of Venice (26 February- 8 March) and the Rio Carnival (4 March-8 March). Although both of them were started out of the tradition of partying hard before the Lent, the two events […]

New York Celebrates

New York Celebrates with 250th St Patrick’s Day Parade

St Patrick’s Day will soon be upon us as March 17th is just around the corner. This means it’s going to be time for some huge, colorful parades in some parts of the world, with one of the biggest of them taking place in New York City. The annual free St Patrick’s Day Parade takes place in the famous borough of Manhattan and gets underway […]


Austria’s Snowbombing Festival Combines Athletics, Comedy, Music, and Partying

One of the most popular events in the worldfor snow lovers is the Snowbombing Festival which is set to take place from Apr. 4th to 9th in Mayrhofen, Austria. The event is famous for the exciting snowboarding it provides as well as concerts, parties, and chalet-hopping. It features some of the best disc jockeys, performers, and snowboarders on the globe as […]


How to Have a Celebrity Hunt Trip?

When on a holiday in Los Angeles it is but natural to want to bump into celebrities and ask for photographs and autographs. The chances of doing so are high provided you know the right spots in LA or any other place, which are frequented by celebrities. You may also look for places where the celebrities go […]

Have Hot Time During Valencia’s Las Fallas Festival

Have Hot Time During Valencia’s Las Fallas Festival

The Spanish sure know how to have a good time, which can be seen by the number of exciting and interesting festivals held each year in the European nation. One of the most popular is Las Fallas, which is scheduled to take place in the wonderful city of Valencia between Mar. 15th and 19th. This annual festival is […]

County Meath – One of Ireland’s Most Historic Place

If you’re ever in Dublin, Ireland, it might be a good idea to take a trip to nearby County Meath, especially if you’re fascinated by wonderful scenery and history. It’s in this county, near the town of Oldbridge, that the famous Battle of the Boyne took place back in 1690. Just south of the town of Navan, […]

Travel Gadgets – What to Take with You in 2011

Travel Gadgets – What to Take with You in 2011

If you are a travel passionate (by this name understanding the typical person who might one day become a travel blogger), then traveling gets you in the position of not being able to exist without your gadgets. The useful things we grow accustomed to, are those we like to use even when climbing the mountains […]

Cleveland Still Rocks

Cleveland Still Rocks

The city of Cleveland, Ohio has been the butt of many jokes over the decades, but not any longer as it’s one of the most charming, interesting and fun destinations in the country. The city, which sits on the shores of Lake Erie, used to be known as a rough, industrial type of town, but it’s now […]