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Why Tailor-Made Holidays are the Best

Why Tailor-Made Holidays are the Best

For some, arranging a holiday can be a stressful affair, from the planning of the details such as flights and hotels, right down to the part when you’re actually meant to be having fun. So what if there was someone else to deal with all of the stressful parts? It would make a nice change, […]

What to do if You Have an Accident While on Holiday

One potential worry that can crop up for people planning a holiday abroad is what would happen if you had an accident whilst there. If the worst occurred and you did have an accident, you’d be perfectly entitled to make an accident claim even though the accident didn’t happen in the UK. This is especially so if […]

Top five winter sun destinations in Europe

Curling up on the sofa with five fleeces around you doesn’t sound like anyone’s ideal Christmas. So why not head out of the dreary UK and visit one of Europe’s many countries that offer year-round sun in order to beat those winter blues. The Canaries The Canaries offer great bang for your buck, along with […]

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5 New Cruise Ships to Sail in 2013

With more than 200 cruise lines already operating worldwide, new ones are added every year. Here are some of the new cruise ships you could try in the coming New Year. 1. Disney Fantasy With a passenger capacity of 4000, this is a luxury cruise ship that surpasses any in the line. It is great for kids as it houses water parks, musical shows […]

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5 Unusual Christmas Vacations

The time of the year most awaited by all is here. Christmas is just around the corner and this is the ideal time to plan your holiday and choose your destination this year. Here are some great unconventional getaways you could choose from for your vacation. 1. Taos, New Mexico This remote village turns magical on the […]

Top New Attractions in Las Vegas

Top New Attractions in Las Vegas

The original Sin City, Las Vegas has long been a vacationers’ paradise in this part of America. For long, there had been no upgrades to this glamorous city. But now the city has new additions to its urban landscape that will make your next visit worthwhile. Here are some of the new added attractions at […]


Secret Skiing Resorts in Colorado

Skiing is one sporting activity that everyone looks forward to during the winters. In the USA, Colorado is considered a snow-sure state. Here are the best kept secret skiing resorts of Colorado that ski-lovers can explore this winter: San Juan Mountains San Juan is a range of the rugged Rockies of the Colorado that is […]

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3 Best Romantic Disney Vacations

Who does not want a fairy tale wedding and what can be a better venue than the Disney World for hosting such a wedding? Disney worlds are best known asamusement parks for kids and are probably the happiest places on earth. Today more and more couples are visiting Disneyland, making it a destination for weddings andhoneymoons. In the past 2 decades […]

10 Tips on How to Spend the Best New Year’s Eve in Bangkok

Exotic and exciting, Bangkok is a city that pulsates with activity during the day and reaches a vibrant crescendo after the sun goes down. Indeed, festive celebrations are a Thai tradition and New Year’s Eve is no exception, as this cosmopolitan city celebrates the arrival of a new year on a grand scale. Spectacular fireworks […]

Best Beaches to Bask in Florida

Best Beaches to Bask in Florida

Florida is probably one of the most beautiful destinations in the USA for beach lovers. The state is blessed with more than 600 miles of sun-drenched beaches. Here is a list of 10 best beaches to visit in Florida. 1. Bowman’s Beach, Sanibel Island  Best known for its serene atmosphere, this beach is for the […]