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5 Sunny Escapades for this Winter

Winter is harsh in all the countries of the northern hemisphere and global warming has made it worse. In such a scenario, who wouldn’t want to escape the harshest months of the year at least for a few days? Here are 5 such sunny escapades from this year’s winter. 1. Panama City Beach, Florida The white sands on […]

Chennai, India

Top 5 Destinations for Music Lovers

Music buffs go to any length to hear what they want. From Salzburg to New York, here are 5 best music destinations of the world 1. Salzburg, Austria As the birth place of western classical music, Austria takes great pride in showcasing its musical history. Its capital city Vienna can be classified as the capital […]

Annoying Co-Passengers

5 Annoying Co-Passengers: How to Deal with Them

Travelling by air is the quickest way to get to any place. But seated in a chair with an annoying co-passenger may make the travel more of a travail. Here is a description of 5 annoying co-passengers and tips on how to deal with them. 1.  The Recliner This passenger sits in front of you […]

Combine Spa Weekends with Holidays with Fantastic Discount Voucher Offers

Last minute travel does not necessarily involve hectic activity. You can simply takeyour pick from cheap spa weekends UK resorts offer. Go down to Bournemouth and check into the Christchurch Harbour Hotel fully equipped with hydrotherapy and other treatments that will leave you refreshed and energized. The Urban House in Brighton is equally appealing with a fully equipped spa. In […]

The European Caravan Holiday: An Affordable Classic

A caravan holiday is a rite of passage for families in the UK – not least because it’s an affordable classic, which represents an excellent alternative to the package holiday to Great Britain. If you’re still not convinced, here are just a few reasons why you should consider acquiring a caravan and hitting the open […]

The Rise of the DIY Holiday

With the recession forcing us all to tighten our belts a bit, more people than ever are turning to ‘DIY Holidays’ to enjoy a much-needed break without incurring the often considerable cost of going through a travel agent. Arranging your own holiday could save you hundreds of pounds – but it could also leave you vulnerable to a […]

5 Destinations Worth Saving Up For

Travelling to exotic places is one of the life goals for many of us. But it comes with a price tag. With careful planning and small investments you realize this dream and relish lovely memories for a lifetime. Building an investment portfolio is an important step in this direction. Make sure you add fixed rate bonds […]

Paris, France

10 Most Happening Places to Visit in February

February is one more month closer to spring and is carnival time in many parts of the world. Have a look at these most happening places to visit in February this year and book your tickets just in time. 1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil It is carnival time in Rio these days. Though the official date for the carnival […]

Surfing in Itacare

10 Wild Brazilian Holidays

Brazil is known as one the most vibrant countries of South America. A part of thefast developing nations of the world, Brazil is loaded with natural and cultural treasures that lure thousands of tourists every year. Here are 10 things you must do while in Brazil. 1. Surfing in Itacare Situated to the south of Salvador, this beach […]

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, South Africa

10 of the Best Picnic Spots in the World

Any place that is green and clean can become a picnic spot. But there are some very sought after places which can go into the bucket list of picnic lovers. Here are 10 such picnic spots which qualify as the bestin the world. 1. Huayna Picchu, Peru Located high above at 9000 feet, this is probably the […]