beach vacationEnjoying a beach vacation with your family doesn’t have to mean expensive resorts and airfare or anything else that translates to breaking the bank!

You can have a vacation that you’ll talk about and cherish for years on a budget that will also keep you talking for years thanks to these tips that will help you have a great time on a limited budget for your next vacation and every one thereafter!

Skip the Hotels: While shopping around can help you find some great deals on hotels, you can save loads of money and enjoy a more local flavor by renting a room, apartment or house owned by one of the locals—especially so if you travel to Europe.

Many of the tourist-filled areas are also filled with people who make a living renting out accommodations to tourists.

While this is not so good for the hotel industry, it is a great way to score a great deal for a family vacation that doesn’t require anyone to have to sleep on a cot a lot of the times since you can usually get a full apartment for the price of a regular hotel room!

Who Says You Need to Go South? Depending on the time of year that you are traveling, you don’t need to hit a Caribbean resort to enjoy a great beach vacation with your family. [Caribbean islands]

As a matter of fact, many of us have beaches just a drive away whether it be an ocean or even just a lake! The money that you can save on airfare and overpriced resorts can be spent to make your road trip even better!

Use it to rent a bigger vehicle or even an RV or spring for a nicer hotel or cottage as opposed to a small motel. Use the internet to search beaches in your area. You’ll be surprised by the entire fun little beach towns your own state or province has to offer!

Think Ahead: Don’t just make a point of packing the essentials like sunscreen and swimsuits when planning your family beach vacation but also other little goodies that can help you keep your family fun time from turning into a raging, stressful nightmare.

Sure a beach can keep your entire family entertained regardless of age, but the weather may not cooperate everyday of your holiday, so to keep the family at peace during some potentially frustrating time indoors, make sure you pack things to keep everyone entertained whether it be a board game that you can all play or age-friendly reading materials or even handheld video games.

Doing this will mean being able to avoid spending loads of dollars in over-priced gift shops when the weather seems too bad for anything but shopping.

See how easy it is to have that family beach vacation that you crave without putting too much of a dent in your pocket book!


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