When one thinks of sandy beaches, clear blue sky and an air of relaxation, the name of Barbados definitely comes to mind.  Barbados is a beach destination in the Caribbean which attracts a lot of tourists from around the world every year. This place is known for its beach parties, laid back life and of course the wonderful beaches. If you are planning to head to Barbados anytime soon and wish to travel on a budget, you must definitely keep the following given tips and suggestions in mind.

budget travel tips to barbados

1. Book in Advance

The best to travel on a budget to any place and especially Barbados is to book in advance. Try to book your flight tickets as early or in advance as you can as that can help you get a lot of discount. Not only will this help you find some good deals but will also enable you to save a lot of money which you can spend elsewhere.

2. Look for a Budget Accommodation

The accommodation you choose for your stay in Barbados can really impact the overall expenditure. This is why it is a good idea to ditch the resorts and hotels and pick up an economical accommodation like a youth hostel, a bed and breakfast or a motel. These accommodations are much cheaper and enable you to experience Barbados in the best way.

3. Go for Economical Transportation

Rather than taking a taxi or a rented car for your travels within the city, why not only for an economical means of transport like a bus? Buses are relatively cheaper than other modes of transport and are also a lot of fun to travel in.

4. Eat Out at Smartly

Rather than dining at expensive restaurants or cafes, it is better idea to have your meals on beach shacks or roadside stalls. They are much cheaper and often sell better tasting food as well. Try to book an accommodation that includes free breakfast to avoid spending on this meal of the day.

5. Go for Cheaper Water Sports

If you are going to Barbados for the water sports, then make sure that you choose cheaper packages and not spend high amounts on individual water sports. Research in advance about which beach offers cheaper packages and try to book online if possible. Pick up a smart deal that includes more number of water sports.


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