There is a famous traveler’s quote that says ‘If traveling was free…you would never see me again’. Expense is the first thing that we consider when we are planning our holidays and often we need to settle for near or cheap destinations due to our budget constraints.  However, there are many inexpensive holiday destinations that are beautiful and offer a lot to each and every tourist. Here in this article we deal with few of the cheapest destinations in Asia.

Pokhara in Nepal

pokhara in nepal

Katmandu is a famous tourist destination with Pokhara being the tourism hub of the country. Katmandu is an inexpensive tourist destination as a whole and Pokhara is one place that you cannot miss as fabulous treks start from this point. Pokhara is cheaper than the capital and is also much cleaner. Guided trek, however, can be expensive so it’s better to simply roam about.

Hanoi in Vietnam

This is the cheapest city in Vietnam and its French and Asian post-communism past makes it unique. Do not forget to try out the authentic cuisine here by sitting amongst thousands of locales on plastic chair. Bia Hoi, the world’s cheapest draught beer is sold here. Lodging is also very cheap here.

Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam

ho chi minh in vietnam

If you want a more modern city than Hanoi, then Ho Chi Minh which is also known as Saigon is one place that you can consider. Though the hotel and food is expensive here as compared to other places of the country, it is cheaper than most of the other places on earth. Consider staying in hostels as hotels tend to be expensive here.

Goa in India

goa in india

Love beaches? Then you will surely love to be in Goa – the sunshine capital of India. Goa is famous all over the world for its wonderful beaches and Portuguese culture and it is always crowded with tourists. Apart from pristine beaches, there are also age old churches and lighthouses in Goa that are worth visiting.

Chiang Mai in Thailand

chiang mai in thailand

This is yet another budget destination in Asia that you can consider. This city is filled with age old temples and is surrounded by city walls and a moat. This place is much cheaper than Bangkok and also less crowded.

Delhi in India

delhi in india

Old Delhi and New Delhi both have a lot in store to offer to the tourists. Old Delhi is a very old city and it has some really beautiful architectural marvels that are more than hundred year old. Delhi is expensive as compared to many cities in India. However, it is not very expensive when compared to the other modern cities of the world. Many cheap hotels and hostels are available here along with 7-star hotels and resorts as well.

Luang Prbang in Laos

luang prbang in laos

This city is becoming popular day by day and so the prices are also going up. However, it continues to be one of the cheapest destinations in Asia and most of the local attractions are free.

There are many other cheap destinations in Asia and this is not an exhaustive list.


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