New York can truly be a very expensive place to visit and is one place where following some budget tips and tricks could prove handy. Travelling to New York can take a toll on your pocket and your spendings here may extend beyond the planned budget restrictions. But by following certain travel tips, you can definitely save a lot. So here’s a list of 7 budget travel tips for New York:

budget travel tips to new york1. Look for Alternative Accommodation

One of the best ways to save a lot on your trip to NYC is to search for alternative accommodation. Hotels in New York can be a little expensive and the sad news is that the cheapest ones can turn out to be lousy. Thus you can choose to stay in a hostel or look for bread and breakfast accommodations.

2. Do not Stay Outside Manhattan

If you choose to stay outside Manhattan, then you may have to spend a lot on trains and buses to reach most of the must-visit places. It is thus better to book your accommodation in Manhattan itself.

3. Buy a Metro Card

Most people in New York use the Metro to travel from one place to another but buying individual tickets each time you take a ride can be expensive. It is thus better to buy a Metro Card either in advance or when you reach New York. Buying the card can prove cheaper than using buses and taxis as well.

4. Eat one or Two Meals on your Feet

Rather than spending your money on expensive restaurants or fancy cafes, try eating atleast one or two meals in a day at small ready to go shops. You can find plenty of variety and this will also make for a good experience.

5. Visit the Free Attractions

If you are not into museums and historical places, then avoid buying tickets to such attractions. It is better to visit the free attractions such as churches, certain free museums and other such places.

6. Choose the Best Time to Visit

It is better to visit New York when it is not too crowded so that you can avail the cheapest services and hotel rates.

7. Avoid Buying Souvenirs

Avoid buying too many souvenirs from New York and do not indulge in shopping from fancy shops. If you are interested in shopping, be smart and select cheaper shopping destinations with equally good collection.

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