Argentina, also called the Argentine Republic is a federal republic located in southeastern South America. The eighth largest country in the globe – Argentina is also the second-largest in Latin America, and the largest Spanish-speaking country. Argentina is a country filled with diversity.  Accommodation in Buenos Aires is very diverse ranging from cheap hostels to 3-star and 5-star hotels. Food too is very diverse and ranges from American to European, Mediterranean to Continental and Asian too. It would be interesting to take a tour around Argentina and witness its heritage sites and experience its rich cultural diversity.


Here are some tips which would help you to change your dream destination into reality

  • Accommodation

There are various accommodation options for tourists in this part of the world. If you are a budget traveller and you are travelling with your family, then seeking accommodation in 3-star hotels is better and more affordable. The Duque hotel which charges around $150 per night is your best bet. If you are travelling on your own with just a backpack, hostels might cater to your needs. Increasingly, the tourists are preferring staying at a ranch in Argentina.  The range of prices to stay at one of the ranches is quite wild from $50 to $150. So, think before you leap.

  • Food

The Argentinian Steak Dinner is the most popular food option in the country. This is a must try for first time visitors. This is a barbecued pork or beef steak served with a variety of veggies and other combinations. An expensive meal at a high class restaurant would cost around $50 while eating a mediocre meal at a budget restaurant costs around $20. So, use your money tactfully.

  • Transportation

There are four major modes of transportation in Argentina. An overview of these modes of transports would help you to understand how to save more money.

  1. Plane

If flight tickets are booked very early then your journey can be affordable as well as time-saving. These tickets are sometimes even less costly than bus tickets.

  1. Bus

Bus tickets are efficient options during last minute booking as by then air fares reach sky-rocketing prices. Bus full day tours are available around the cities such as Buenos Aires, Patagonia or Puerto Iguazu at reasonable prices.

  1. Taxi

In Argentina, there are two types of taxis in general- one is the ordinary taxi and the other                             one is the remis. Remises are more private and cost almost double than that of the ordinary taxi fare. So, it is more advisable to use the taxi for commuting in cities such as Buenos Aires.

  1. Metro service

The metro service is the most affordable, time saving and efficient mode of transportation for tourists who wish to commute within the city. The cost of a one-way ticket around Buenos Aires is just 0.7 cents of a peso.

There are some other factors you need to make sure such as weather, food and beverages, security, air conditioning etcetera. By following these tips tactfully, you can have a wonderful holiday without emptying your pocket too often. So get ready to make Argentina your holiday haven!


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