India is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich destinations in South East Asia and attracts a lot of tourists each year.  It’s a large country with many amazing places to visit. From beaches to temples and from the urban city life to the rural village sceneries, there is a wide variety of things and places to experience in this country.

The vibrant colors, rich scents and strong flavors are just a few things which define the country. Even though India is an affordable country, but local costs of transportation and amount spent on food can be overwhelming. Thus, it is important to stick to a budget while travelling to this nation. The following are some of the most amazing budget travel tips to India:

budget travel tips for IndiaBook in Advance

It is a great idea to make most of your bookings in advance. Make sure you book your flight tickets, train tickets and other local transportation that you might need atleast a few weeks in advance as this can really help you to save some money.

Travel Local

To ensure that you are well within your budget, the best idea is to use local mode of transportation while travelling within the city. Use auto-rickshaws, Three-wheeled rickshaws and local buses to make your way through the chaotic city life. Also, while travelling from one city or state to another, travel by train. This tip can really help you save a lot.

Eat at Local Restaurants and Try Street Food

India is very popular for its own cuisines which can be best enjoyed if you eat street food or at local restaurants rather than spending on 5 star hotel restaurants. Make sure that the food is well cooked and the utensils are cleaned properly to avoid any infections.

Choose Affordable Accommodation

Yes, it is great staying at the luxury resorts or 5 star hotels but to save some more of your hard earned income, you must book yourself an affordable accommodation like a bed and breakfast or a 3 star hotel wherever you stay in India. This can considerably bring down the cost of accommodation.

Visit Free Attractions

Another great budget travelling tip for those who are travelling to India is to visit free attractions rather than the paid sites. There are many museums, forts, palaces, temples and other places where foreigners can get free entry. At the paid locations, foreigners are charged a lot more than natives for examples at the Taj Mahal.

Avoid Hiring Guides

Local tourist guides can charge you a lot when you visit local attractions and may not be totally honest with you about the history of the place. Hence you must avoid hiring a guide and rather consider spending on a local guidebook.


Bargaining on the streets and local shops is common in India and hence you must bargain as much as you can on artefacts, clothes, bags, footwear and other such items. Do not hesitate in negotiating while using local transportation as this is very common in India.


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