In case you want to see the different look of Europe, take a river cruise that will show you memorable views and outstanding experience. There are many providers for the river cruises in Europe, but those, which are known as the best are cruises on the rivers Danube, Volga and Rhone.

The mighty 1,771-mile Danube begins in southwestern Germany and emphasizes over 6 countries before joining the Black Sea. This cruise is known as the culture cruise.

Only on the Danube cruise you will visit Vienna and Budapest, while listening onboard performances of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro. Cruise stops includes also Strauss concert in Passau.

rhone river cruise

Another river cruise that is already praised as the best is the Rhone river cruise. The 505-mile Rhone rises in Switzerland and joins south into the Mediterranean Sea. This cruise is entirely displaying the beauty of Southern France, especially with magnificent views of Lyon, Avignon and Arles.

Another classical river cruise is the Russian Volga river cruise. Volga is the longest river in Europe and it is nearly 2,300 miles. The cruise is significant, for it is showing the whole beauty of the Russian most amazing cities. You will be able to see Moscow’s Red Square, the ancient Uglich, as well as St. Petersburg – the pearl of Russia.


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