In case you are going to Europe and you want classical accommodation, take a look at the best villas in the old continent that amazes with their style, classy interior and amazing beauty. In case your destination is France, rent the outstanding “FSR2 St Tropez” located in St-Tropez.

The eight-bedroom villa offers super glamorous accommodations, pool, bar, gardens and huge park. The villa is often praised as the best place to rest in France. If you are not going to France, but in Spain, then you have another reason to love the sunny country.

villa creta2

Their villas are in the typical hacienda style and provide all kind of luxury to its guests. So is the main concept of the Spanish villa Casa Del Mar, which is located in the festive Ibiza. The villa offers five bedrooms, super modern interior and it is placed near the beach.

villa creta

Greece is often the country in Europe we are choosing to visit, for it possesses history and nature. Here the villas are like no other when it comes to luxury and style. One of the villas that grab the attention is the Villa Creta located in the famous Greek island of Crete.

villa creta1

The villa is one of the best to provide super luxury accommodations, as the surprise here is that the owners are offering organic products from their organic farms, placed nearby the villa.

villa creta3


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