Just thinking about a trip on a cruise can make some people feel sick. Probably for the seasickness many travelers who are be keen on to travel, do not cruise.

Seasickness which is also described as Mal de mer is the effect of your body’s inner ear stability system to the unusual motion of ship. Within the cabin of your cruise, your eye senses everything that are supposed to be still whereas your inner ear senses motion and this causes vomiting, dizziness, sweating, headache and nausea.

avoid seasickness on a cruise

Within the first 48 hours, you can experience disorientation on a cruise. Unfortunately, you cannot predict whether you will suffer from seasickness or not as the conditions of seas and ship vary greatly. Hence the best way to combat seasickness is to thwart from occurring at the first place. Below given are some tips to decrease the potency of seasickness.


Before stepping to a cruise you should consult with your health provide to take proper medication such as Dramamine or Bonine. On the other hand you can opt for a patch that will go behind your ear. Another way to fight with seasickness can be the use of seas bands which formulates acupressure through your wrist to get relieved from nausea.

Avoid Cabin

Instead of keeping yourself in the cabin try to spend time on deck as much as possible. Your brain will be happy as the equilibrium will be maintained between your inner ear and visual point.

Avoiding Key Triggers

Another great way to avert seasickness is to stay away from fatty foods or those which consists high salt and sugar. Alcohol should not be taken before 24 hours of boarding to a cruise. Reading should also be avoided, if you have to read then take a frequent look after reading small passages.

Opt for Lower Deck Ship

Compare your ship with a tree. You will realize when wind passes away the top branches and the leaves have the most movements while the trunk of the tree has no proposition. Analogously the lower deck of the ship will assist you to get stabilized during the cruise period.

Right selection of Cabin Location

If you have potency of seasickness, you have to be careful while choosing your cabin. Centrally located stateroom or a stateroom with a balcony will be suitable for you to lessen threats of seasickness. If you are on a cruise for the first time then choose stateroom located at the backward of the ship instead of choosing the one at the forward.

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