European rivers are the lifeline of Europe. In the past, the rivers were the only alternative for traveling without using your feet or wheels, but now rivers offer a great way to explore beautiful cities while on a cruiser or a boat. You can find amazing European river cruises including airfare and start exploring the jewels of Europe.

Amsterdam – The city of diversity

AmsterdamTake a sip of a cold Amstel beer on the river Amstel. Cruising down the river you’ll get to know the small, but colorful city of Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands. In Amsterdam everyone finds something to suit their taste. Visit the Rijksmuseum Museum or see the amazing art of the world famous Dutch painter Van Gogh. You can choose from over 50 museums and countless landmark buildings such as the regal Carré, Stopera city hall and opera house, or the neo-baroque St Nicolas church. Amsterdam hosts a lot of festivals and has a rich night life, being most famous for the Red Light District.

Dusseldorf – For business and pleasure

On the banks of the river Rhine you will find the German city of Dusseldorf. Even though it is the international business and financial centre, Dusseldorf is known for its academy of fine arts and amazing architecture, but also for its tradition for producing beer. A lot of beer is drank in July since more than 4.5 million people visit the Largest Fair on the river Rhine each year. Make sure you visit the Old Town to experience pieces of the German history and the perks of its night life. Dusseldorf host a huge festival called the Karneval starting every 11th of November with different attractions, and ending a parade on the streets.

Budapest – Architectural paradise

European Union’s longest river, the Danube, passes through a lot of European cities, and one of them is the unique city of Budapest. Hungary’s capital has breathtaking architecture like the Gothic palace Buda Castle, the Hungarian National Gallery or the famous Parliament building that you can see on most of the postcards. It has beautiful bridges with romantic sceneries of the river Danube, as well as many green parks along the river.

Vienna – The Music City

viennaAlso on the river Danube lays Austria’s city of Vienna. This city is all about tradition, with a subtle modern twist. Being a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire left significant marks on Vienna’s architecture in structures like the Hofburg or Schonbrunn. But primarily, Vienna is a city of art and music. It is the birth place of Mozart, Beethoven and many other classical music geniuses. Make sure you visit at least one opera house. Vienna has a great wine and beer production tradition, which goes well with the famous Wiener Schnitzel or hot apple strudel.

Bratislava – Between history and future

Slovakian capitol Bratislava is located on two rivers, the Danube and the Morava, so you’ll get double the pleasure by visiting this city. Like other European cities with rich history and tradition, Bratislava has an Old and New part. Make sure you visit the Bratislava Castle and enjoy the views of the whole city. Walk around the authentic stone streets and visit the local bars and restaurants. Visit Bratislava’s Town Hall and the medieval Michael’s Gate. Take a pick of the narrowest house in Europe which is nearby.


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