Cruising have become a very popular means for extended families to connect as you get options to a host of enjoyment – be it gourmet dining or surfing or attending a Broadway-style show.

A wide range of activities are being organized to accumulate people’s interest of all ages; thus you can now also take your parents along to a cruise vacation. Enjoying with your grandparents, parents and kids will bring you a lifetime experience on the cruise.

To make your vacation enjoyable, cruise lines promptly secure arrangements according to the needs of elderly people. However, before moving for a cruise vacation with your elderly parents following advices should be kept in mind so that the trip is enjoyable yet safe –

elderly parents on a cruiseDuration of your trip

Depending on the capability of your elder parents, choose the length of your cruise travelling. For the first time you may opt for three or four nights stay on the cruise. If it goes well with your parents then you may opt for a longer one next time. Too long a cruise can cause sea sickness and other vertigo issues in elderly people.

Booking in advance

While taking your parents to a cruise vacation, try to book in advance so that they can offer you a room next to or across from your parents. Some cruise ships also offer adjoining state-rooms so that you can easily access them when in need.

You can also get many more added options for larger rooms, wheelchair facilities etc. as per specific choices if booked in advance.

Choose room location

While taking elderly parents with you on cruise, ensuring their safety and comfort is very important, thus choose for a stateroom that isn’t on the higher levels or too lower levels.

Most cruise lines are endowed with online ship map; you can check the middle row and a comfort area of the ship and then choose the state room. The ones in the rear portion might sway more, and the ones near the engine room will have the constant noise!

Take medications and prescriptions

Never forget to pack enough medicines to last through the vacation, if your parents are advised with any particular medicine. Pack the prescriptions as well so that the doctor of the cruise can help you if any emergency happen.

It would be best if you can carry the portable medical equipment like blood pressure, diabetes checkers and inhalers.


Once on board, confirm that your parents should wear a wristband or a lanyard all the time. Wearer’s name, state-room number, ship name along with a cell number, should be featured on that tag. Current photo of your elderly parents should be always with you for the safety purpose.

Keep tracking devices

It will be preferable to rent high tech mobile devices having GPS tracking for your parents who can get lost in huge cruise passages and levels. Utilizing this method you will get the peace of your mind and also allow the elderly parents get their independent time.

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